How to Help Your Groom Find his Wedding Day Look

Hot to Help Your Groom Find His Wedding Day Look

We hope you all have been loving following our Fashion Blogger gets Married Series with the lovely Chelsea from Hazel + Scout! It’s always amazing to get insight + advice from other brides-to-be as you embark on your wedding planning journey, and today Chelsea is sharing some essential tips for helping your groom (that’s her groom Ainsworth above!) find just the right style for the big day. She says, Choosing wedding day attire for your groom can be a challenge, especially if your fiancé isn’t exactly hung up on the details. With a little patience and a few tips (see below), dressing the groom can be a piece of [wedding] cake.

5 Fashion Blogger Tips for Styling Your Groom:

Tip #1: Set the tone for your wedding. At the very least, be sure that you’re choosing his look with your day in mind. Consider the venue, formality and vibe of your event. Is the wedding outdoors/during the day? Something casual (think light-colored suits or getups that forgo the jacket altogether) will be perfect. Hosting something a little more formal? Darker hues, slimmer fits or a tux will work best.

Casual Groom Fashion

1. Burberry London Stirling Sport Coat // 2. Slubbed Fedora // 3. Cole Haan Chukka Boot // 4. Denim Button Front Vest // 5. Plaid Bow Tie // 6. Paul Smith Bright Spot Socks // 7. Herringbone Sport Coat // 8. Ludlow Sportcoat in Houndstooth Cotton // 9. English Silk Tie

Formal Groom Fashion

1. Regent Fit Seersucker Tuxedo // 2. Black Patent Lace-Up Shoes // 3. Gold and White Hand Painted Enamel Cuff Links // 4. Satin Square End Self-Tie Bow Tie // 5. Regent Fit Tuxedo Jacket // 6. Valentino Uomo Eau de Toilette // 7. White Dinner Jacket

Tip #2: Keep your dress in mind. It might seem obvious, but be sure to mimic your bridal style when choosing his look. Your wedding is a great opportunity to express your style as a couple. You don’t have to show him your dress just yet (we’re choosing the traditional route and keeping my Rue De Seine gown a secret) but opt for a style similar to your own. Wearing something bohemian? You might want an easy, relaxed suit. Rocking a glam gown? Something a little more streamlined and modern will work for your guy!


Tip #3: Account for the weather. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable on the most important day of your life. Think about how he’ll feel on the big day and choose a look that will make him feel comfortable an confident. If temperatures will be high, cotton or linen fabrics can help keep him cool while tweed or wool are perfect for Winter ceremonies. September in the South is still considered Summer so we went with a lightweight linen suit… no sweat!

Groom Fashion Beach Wedding

1. Ludlow suit jacket in Italian cotton // 2. Cotton-linen Tie in bleached-out floral // 3. Downing Sunglasses in Striped Indigo // 4. Men’s Island Slipper® stripe flip-flops // 5. Straw Fedora // 6. Ludlow Suit Jacket in Fine-striped Cotton // 7. Sea Salt Texturizing Mist // 8. Hentsch Man Slip On Shoes

Tip #4:  Can he wear it again? If you’re on a budget (who isn’t?!) and considering something a bit more laid-back than a tux, go with a suit your groom can keep in his closet for years to come. While it may not be appropriate to wear your wedding dress again (I wish I could rock a pretty white gown everyday!), your man can recycle something smart for a ton of different occasions. Forgo super specific styles and invest in a quality look he can continue to love.

Groom Fashion on a budget

Wanna know GWS’ favorite two places to find fashionable + affordable looks for your groom? Definitely ASOS (top) and Zara (bottom).

Tip #5 Have fun! Weddings can be stressful and sometimes it feels like every detail needs to be perfect. It’s been my mission during this process to remember that Ainsworth’s shoes, whether his tie is the perfect shade of green or what his groomsmen wear won’t matter to me in 50 years. Try to remember that you’re marrying your best friend and have fun with this season of your lives. All the other things will fall away!

Looking for even more style inspiration for your guy? Shop our favorite looks for the groom below!

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photography: Sleepy Fox Photography // styling + boutonniere: Hazel + Scout // Ainsworth’s groom attire: jacketpantstie + tie-clip all by J.Crew