Hair Tutorial: Soft Glam Hair

DIY Soft Glam Hair

This afternoon we have a lovely hair tutorial that our friend Heather Chapman is sharing with us! Perfect for those of you looking for romantic, timeless glam look for your hair. :)

Begin by choosing a timeless, decorative headband. This one is from Mignonne Handmade.



1. Section hair diagonally across the head from left temple to right nape. Divide sections, clipping away the right section & securing the left section at the bottom right nape.

2. Take down the hair on the right that you have clipped out of the way & using a 1″ curling wand, (or curling iron) curl all of the hair towards the face. Let the hair cool for 10 minutes in it’s curled state.

3. After the hair has cooled, brush through all of the hair with a paddle brush. The waves will start to appear. It’s okay if it is just a subtle wave. Place the wave how you would like to see it frame the face & position with clips. Then hairspray. Let sit for two minutes.

4. Take the clips out of the waves. Gently gather then entire section that you curled, bang section as well, and twist towards the face. Once twisted, carefully start to pull out pieces of the twist to “rough up” the twist. This adds amazing texture!!


At this point, you will put on the headband (see above). Still holding on to your textured twist, take the tiniest pinch of hair at the bottom of the twist, hold it & with your other hand, push the rest of the hair towards the head. Pin to your liking. Take the left section (the one you put into a low pony) and repeat the twist, pull & push. Pin as well.




So pretty, right?! Thanks again to Heather Chapman for this lovely hair tutorial and to K. Mari Photography for the photos.