GWS x Lucid Organic Sparkling Wine Tasting Kit

Lucid x Green Wedding Shoes Organic Sparkling Wine Tasting KitWe are super excited to share that we have partnered with our friends at Voluptuary + Lucid Wines for a Limited Edition Organic Sparkling Wine Tasting Kit!! Wine Tasting at home is one of our fave things to do for a date night at home or afternoon with friends, so that’s why we are so excited about this limited edition wine tasting kit!

First, let’s share a bit about Voluptuary + Lucid Wines. Lucid Wines are:

  • sustainable
  • organic
  • natural – preservative free, sulfite free, additive free
  • pure & vegan
  • fun
  • and delicious….they check all the boxes

Voluptuary + Lucid Wines is a Sacramento based small-batch winery with wines made by Winemaker Kevin Luther. For every bottle sold, they donate to charity…so you can drink well and do good at the same time!

Jason + I are definitely wine fans but we hadn’t tasted many organic wines up until meeting the Voluptuary + Lucid Wines team, but WOW….these are such delicious and unique sparkling wines! Since our very first tasting with Kevin we were won over.

One of the fun facts we learned during our tasting with Kevin is that there are absolutely no added sugars in Voluptuary + Lucid Wines, any sweetness is from the residual sugar of the grapes themselves. We loved hearing this, as we’re always looking for ways to cut sugar out of our diets. Also, when it comes to wine, the added sugars are what makes them overly sweet once you’ve been enjoying them for a while. But of course, perhaps the nicest perk of no added sugar is no (or at least lessened – depending on how many glasses you enjoy :) headache the next day!!

Our Sparking Wine Tasting Kit

And now onto the GWS x Lucid Limited Edition Sparkling Wine Tasting Kit!

Our special tasting set features THREE unique organic sparkling wines that are delivered right to your door! Voluptuary + Lucid began offering similar kits for their wines during quarantine and they were such a fun and convenient hit that we’re just had to use them for our sparkling wine tasting kits. Each time we see them arrive on our front porch, we find a reason to celebrate! The kits make for a perfect date night at home activity, gift for those in your wedding – or just a treat for yourself!

Each sparkling wine is organic and sugar-free and arrives in bottles have been custom designed by GWS and Lucid. To help you enjoy each, we offer paring suggestions of food, music and moments in life.

Wine Tasting at Home

And….since we’re all about fashion, can I just say how much I love that the wine colors are so on trend!! Love those sunset tones, I could see those for bridesmaid dresses if you’re looking for inspo as you sip – and of course our floral photos!! Let’s take a closer look at the three sparkling wines…and don’t forget to use our discount code GWS10 to get 10% off your order at checkout!

L.09 “Epiphany” Albariño – Organic Sparkling White Wine

Organic Sparkling White Wine Tasting Kit

Drink chilled or use as a base for mimosas with a rich tropical fruit juice like cherry or mango.

Flavors: Crisp apple (granny smith, honeycrisp), grapefruit, lemon, and early season white peach make this a fun and fruity Albariño sparkling Pet Nat. Lots of citrus & crisp fruit & salty sea spray savory notes up front followed by an almond, cashew, creme fraiche richness. Enlivened by abundant bubbles making for a fun, easy to drink hazy sparkling Albariño.

Best paired with:

  • Food: Charcuterie plate with apples, white grapes, pears and various cheeses / flaky white fish with lemon, salt & pepper / Oysters with a mignonette sauce / salted shsishito peppers / grapefruit half with sugar & salt, seared at high heat to caramelize the sugars
  • Song: “Make You Feel That Way” – Blackalicious
  • Life: Picnic in the orchard or by the waters


L.02 “Urban Flora” – Organic Rosé Sparkling Wine

Lucid x Green Wedding Shoes Organic Rose Sparkling Wine

Drink chilled or use as a base for mimosas with a freshly squeezed orange juice.

Flavors: Watermelon, strawberry, cranberry, sour cherry, hibiscus, red roses, and rhubarb. Fresh and fruity with balanced bubbles.

Best paired with:

  • Food: Watermelon salad / Smashed cucumber salad / street tacos with lime / spicy Thai food such as tom yum soup or Panang curry
  • Song: “Summer Vibe” – Walk Off the Earth
  • Life: Sunset drinks with friends / hanging at the beach, pool, river, lake on a hot day / yoga in the park

L.01 “Skin Contact” – Organic Sparkling Golden Wine

Lucid x Green Wedding Shoes Organic Sparkling Golden Wine

Drink chilled or use as a base for mimosas with a smooth orchard fruit like apple or pear.

Flavors: Guava, passionfruit, mandarin, yellow peach, nectarine and cantaloupe notes. Smooth bubbles, gently sparkling, fun and fruity-sour

Best paired with:

  • Food: Pork chops with spiced apples / Fried chicken or Fish & Chips / Peaches & Cream
  • Song: “Peaches & Cream” – John Butler Trio / “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat
  • Life: Watching the sunrise or sunset on the coastline, cuddled up with someone – a person, your dog! :)


Lucid x Green Wedding Shoes Organic Sparkling Wine Tasting Kit

GWS X Lucid Sparkling Wine Tasting Kit $65

3-Wine tasting kit includes:
  • 187mL L.09 “Epiphany” Albariño Sparkling White Wine

  • 187mL L.01 “Skin Contact” Sparkling Golden Wine

  • 187mL L.02 “Urban Flora” Rosé Sparkling Wine

All GWS X Lucid tasting kits will ship by 7/19/21

Plus, use code GWS10 to get 10% off your order at checkout!

We have a limited run of this first batch so don’t delay too much and get your order in now! These make a great idea for a date night at home, a gift for your bridal party or gift for yourself! 


Jason + Jen will be joining Kevin Luther, the winemaker for an IG Live wine tasting on July 29th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET, so keep that in mind if you order the kit. We’d love for you to join us for a virtual tasting!! We’ll be tasting the wines, answering any questions you have about wine + weddings, and we’ll all be enjoying some of the best organic sparkling wine we’ve had!