Fun Find for your Wedding: Video Montages to Project for your Reception


Totally loving this idea sent over from Michael Antonia (aka The Flashdance) and Brian Morrow (aka sharkpig). They compiled every imaginable film that has a drinking scene or a dancing scene into a mega dancing montage and a mega cocktail montage. Perfect to be projected for your wedding reception or rehearsal – right?

Picturing the dancing montage below on the back wall of your dancing floor – would be so perfect for a loft space or any other space with a large blank wall or screen.

And the cocktail montage? Super fun and love that scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, maybe for your cocktail hour perhaps?! :)

These are just a clip of what the video is all about. They both run a little over an hour each and automatically loop so you never notice when they repeat. For moreĀ info and to purchase the videos, go here. Now, who’s ready for some drinking + dancing! :)