Four Ways to Streamline Your Wedding with Email Campaigns (that are Actually Cute)

If there’s one thing we tend to get excited about over here, it’s new ways to make life just a little bit easier. And if you’re in the middle of planning a wedding, you’ll take all the easy you can get! It’s no secret that we’re big fans of wedding websites on Squarespace: their equally intuitive to use AND pretty to look at. WIN. Honestly, you could build a professional-looking website in one afternoon with no prior experience whatsoever. But Squarespace is rolling out a super-exciting new integration (available to new users in the coming weeks!) that has us buzzing: email marketing tools!

Listen up—if the term “email marketing” scares you, believe us when we say that this isn’t just for businesses. The tool is currently invite-only, but don’t worry…we’ve got all the intel you need. We scoped over 30 of Squarespace’s starter layouts to design 4 emails that will bring some fun to any inbox—and a lighter load to yours. Get ready to streamline in 3…2…1…

Gather RSVPs

Wedding RSVP Idea

left: Clarisse Rae | right: Jenna Bechtholt Photography

Once you’ve built your wedding website on Squarespace, you can import content (like photos!) directly into your email. So when you’re working on that seating chart but half your guests haven’t RSVP’d yet, send off a friendly reminder! Easily link an RSVP button to your RSVP page and watch those numbers roll in.

Design Invitations for Festivities

Bachelorette Invite Idea

photo: Kelsea Holder Photography

Invitations in a snap! For all those events surrounding the wedding (and there are a lot of them), make an invite! Rehearsal dinner, try-on parties, pampering parties, last minute parties…you get it.

Announce Your Wedding Registry

How to tell wedding guests your registered

photo: Lauren Louise Photography

We’re all aboard for registry announcements. Make it easy for your guests to help you build your new home with just a few clicks. Bonus: you can even build an email campaign from your phone. Done and done!

Send a Thank You

Digital thank you card

photo: Shelby Rae Photographs

Because you can’t say thank you too many times.

So simple, right? If you haven’t already signed up for Squarespace, use our code (GWS18) to get 10% off your first purchase and learn more about email marketing tools here!

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