Find your Engagement Ring Style with Jared

Find Your Engagement Ring Style with Jared

From the moment it first slides on your ring finger, your engagement ring is truly one of the only jewelry pieces you’ll never take off. Because of that, we think you’ll agree, that the importance of  really loving it is huge. And as self-professed lovers of all things pretty, our team will never turn down a chance to scroll through sparkly baubles, and curate beautiful collections to help ladies (and all those ring-shopping gents!) find the right engagement ring.

That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with our friends at Jared The Galleria of Jewelry to bring you a round-up of stunning rings reflecting three distinct themes: Romantic & Timeless, Modern and Stylish & Glam. We love Jared for not only their incredibly vast selection of absolutely stunning rings, but for their commitment to quality (all of their diamonds are independently certified, so you can shop with confidence) and design collaborations with some of the best jewelry designers out there (think Neil Lane, Vera Wang and more). Another huge perk to engagement ring shopping with Jared is their ability to customize anything you can dream up – from engraving to fully original designs – customers can take advantage of the fact that Jared has a full custom design studio in every store!

timeless engagement rings from JARED

Our first collection is for the romantic at heart, who loves all things classic + beautiful. Top to Bottom: Diamond Bridal Setting // Round-Cut 14K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring // Diamond Engagement Ring // Vera Wang LOVE White Gold Diamond Ring // Round-Cut Rosette Diamond Engagement Ring // Leo Artisan Diamond Ring

Modern engagement rings from Jared

Next up, the perfect round-up of rings for the modern, fashion-forward gal! Top to Bottom: Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring // Radiant-Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring // Princess-Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring // Diamond Round-Cut Solitaire Ring // Emerald-Cut Diamond 3-Stone Ring

glam engagement rings from Jared

And last, but certainly not least, we’re sharing our picks for the bride-to-be who’s stylish with a glam side that just can’t be contained! Top to Bottom: Neil Lane Bridal Set // Emerald-Cut Diamond 3-Stone Ring // Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring // Diamond Engagement Ring // Diamond 3-Stone Ring with Emerald Cut

We are also so happy to share the news about Jared’s exciting, new diamond program called Chosen by Jared. Beginning with a collection of very unique, high-quality loose diamonds, each rough stone is cut and polished in Jared’s own diamond cutting + polishing facility, by Jared artisans, creating a truly custom ring with a one-of-a-kind story.

Your stone’s journey – from its beginnings as a raw, unfinished diamond, through its transformation into a beautiful, polished + brilliant stone – is documented in a keepsake book and with special packaging that can be personalized with mementos and stories of your adventures together. We love how these details come together to create an immensely special engagement experience for the two of you, and an experience that only Jared can provide.

Chosen by Jared is currently available only in select Jared stores, but you’ll find this option in all stores come October. Find a participating store near you here!


Happy engagement ring shopping, friends!

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