Chic + Easy Shopping With Our Favorite App

Explaining How LikeToKnowIt works

Not only is the current health crisis having a direct impact on the number of days we go between showers, it’s changing the we we shop in some major ways! Pivoting from in-person store shopping to exclusively online is truly an adjustment, even for the savviest web folks. Even though all shopping these days has been divided into two categories: essential + non-essential, we still need to keep our online shopping game polished!

Of course you already use Instagram (and are hopefully following us for daily inspo :), so you’ve likely seen post captions all over with lingo similar to this and wondered WTF?? #Liketkit 

So, we’re here to fill in the blanks and introduce you to, a suuuuper handy shopping tool! We especially love for wedding planning and home decor.

Let us break down this chic + easy shopping app, and tell you why it’s our favorite:

What is, LTK for short, is effectively Instagram but exclusively for shopping!

LTK is a shopping app that lets you shop photos from your favorite influencers and publications and purchase with just a few clicks, unlike IG where you have to DM or become an investigator to get just the right item.

Ever wondered where that dress was from? That table? This is the place where you can shop all the items in the photo! No more wondering…or even worse, spending 10 minutes searching on Etsy for something, and never finding the exact item! It’s great for fashion, home + beauty!

How do I use

1. Download + Install the FREE app

Once your app is installed, create your LTK account. An account is necessary to:

  • Set up your profile
  • Easily shop the products you love
  • Opt in/out of email notifications for products you love and want to buy

How LikeToKnowIt Shopping App Works

2. Follow Green Wedding Shoes + Your Other Fave Influencers

And just like that, BOOM you’re done! Similar to Pinterest, you can now search for specific items – like shoes you’ve had your eye on, or for the perfect rug for your living room – or just scroll your feed filled with eye candy you may want for yourself

How LikeToKnowIt Shopping App Works

3. Shop for Wants, Needs + Essentials!

See a product that grabs you? Just click the image and you’ll see the items below that you are able to shop. Some profiles are nice enough to research and offer similar items at a variety of price points for different budgets or pieces to swap out if things are currently sold out.

How LikeToKnowIt Shopping App Works

4. Make Your First Purchase!

When looking at any item’s detailed view, you can quickly:

  • Share it with a friend who you think would love it
  • Save it to your Favorites for a later purchase
  • Save it to a Collection as part of an outfit or room decor
  • And…..of course, Buy It!

How LikeToKnowIt Shopping App Works

What are the benefits of LTK for me?

LTK takes all of the research out of your online shopping experience. It’s everything we love from Pinterest + Instagram…all with pre-researched products ready for you to purchase!

Whether it’s a photo of bridesmaids dresses that you want for your tribe, or a planter for your patio, LTK has the products linked up + ready to purchase!

As you become a LTKer, you’ll likely discover new stores + places to shop with products you like. Be sure to follow us on LTK because we highlight sale info + special content exclusively for our LTK audience that we don’t publish anywhere else!

Here is an example of what you’ll see from us on LTK….

Explaining How LikeToKnowIt works Explaining How LikeToKnowIt works

What are LTK Collections?

This is one of our FAVORITE LTK features! Collections allows you to create wishlists for anything you want to shop – think wedding day decor, bridesmaids dresses (you can share your wishlist with your gals to make it easy for them, too), honeymoon, home decor, beauty, shoes…the possibilities are endless! This is great for items you aren’t sure if you want to buy right away, but you’re sure you want to save for later.

Explaining How LikeToKnowIt works

LTK Search

If you’re a dedicated IG shopper and genuinely like shopping through the platform, you can master search-shopping (much easier) now via LTK. Simply search for an item – ex. ‘fall wedding guest dresses,’ and you’ll get a comprehensive list of shoppable Instagram-like images right at your fingertips. That’s shopping efficiency! What’s better, LTK product pics are usually showing ‘real life’ produce use, and not just stock images that aren’t as transparent.

How does it benefit Green Wedding Shoes?

As a small business, GWS is most motivated to create thoughtfully curated content for our readers. The nearly infinite, free inspiration that we provide to our readers is so meaningful. With that, anytime you buy one of the products that we recommend on LTK, we earn a small commission on the sale. That small percentage is crucial for us, and directly impacts our ability to continue servicing you with rad inspo in the future! We love our readers and appreciate your support!

Happy Shopping!