Links + Loves: An Easy Breakfast Idea You’ll Look Forward To + THE DRESS for Fall

amber lewis for anthropologie

Welcome to this week’s Links + Loves!

We’re ready for the weekend and we brought our best finds of the week to celebrate — but first, let’s recap! This week on GWS we shared our favorite engagement rings without diamonds. We’ve also got reception dresses for all types of bridal styles (19, to be exact) and literally everything you need to know about dried flowers for your wedding or home. Plus, this couple had a great wedding idea that turned into a sweet viral TikTok moment!

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Here are a few things our editors are loving lately:

From Jen:

This Madewell Modern Gingham dress is screaming my name for fall! Pair with some boots for a chic comfy outfit.

One of my fave interior designers, Amber Lewis, launched her newest collection with Anthropologie this week. The collection includes furniture, rugs, and decor –  I’m obsessed with these stemless wine glasses and these mugs!

If you are feeling like this summer hasn’t quite felt like you imagined, you aren’t alone.

From Sheena:

I’ve been swapping out my typical quick coffee for breakfast with something a little more lengthy and enjoyable. Lately, I’ve been loving this banana cream pie chia seed pudding along with my typical cup of joe. I prep it the night before and have basically been eating it on repeat. Tastes like dessert, but is 100% healthier. Talk about a win.

And because I’m a sucker for cute tableware, I’ve been eyeballing these neutral-tone bowls to pair with my morning chia seed pudding. Gotta make my food look cute if I’m gonna keep up the slow morning habit, right?!

To wrap up my morning routine, I’ve decided to start incorporating some quick reading. I just started Like Streams to the Ocean by Jedidiah Jenkins after falling in love with his incredible story of biking from Oregon to Patagonia in To Shake the Sleeping Self. Can’t wait to dive in!

From Katie:

Current favorite matching set from Zara with retro vibes is THIS ONE.

Well. I bought the Dr. Martens and they are incredible. I’m counting this one as “things I can pass on” and “self-care” HA!

We started watching Modern Love on Amazon this week. Each episode is a different story with a new cast. Currently on episode 3 after I cried over Anne Hathaway, and loved Dev Patel in episode two.

From Britt:

This is the most un-sexy L+L I’ve ever shared, but I’ve been dealing with a bad toothache after some intense dental work and this home staple (that somehow often gets neglected?) has been a life-saver. Let me be a reminder that you need one.

I made these ultimate grilled veggie burritos this week. Instant new fave. I wasn’t up for firing up the grill so I just used this pan (the only one I own because it’s the perfect workhorse) and the veggies still got that perfect char!

I have put way too much time in money trying to keep our plants alive when we moved from LA to Austin. A year later, they continue to die a slow death no matter my efforts. Time for this!!

From Jacquline:

I’ve been on the hunt for a more natural foundation to use and am currently testing out Il Makiage’s “Woke Up Like This” product. So far, I really like their branding (you can test out the items before purchasing!) and the product applies easily to my skin.

Paris Hilton’s new cooking show has been playing on my TV in the background this week. If you liked “The Simple Life,” I recommend giving this a try. If you didn’t, then skip. It’s definitely a show to not take too seriously.

A friend of mine is really (and I mean really) into zodiac signs and she started talking to me about moon signs. So naturally, I did a deep dive to figure out my moon sign and what it means in the astrology world. Also, speaking of the stars, who else tried to watch the Perseid meteor shower last week??

Have a great weekend!

photo via @amberinteriors