First Look at Elysian: 11 New Gowns from Grace Loves Lace 2020/21 Collection

Grace Loves Lace Eve Gown

It’s a big week for new gowns and we’re very excited to give you a sneak peek at Elysian, the 2020/21 collection from Grace Loves Lace! You can shop the gowns beginning September 24 — each one handmade in Queensland, Australia. The Elysian campaign was inspired by Founder and Creative Director, Megan Ziems’ passion for music, poetry, and nature. Here’s what Megan had to say about the collection:

The level of detail in these gowns is really special and elevated. We’ve included very high-end detailing and we’ve focused heavily on handcraftsmanship – every gown has its own considered details like silk cover buttons or hand-cut lace applique. The detail is even down to the smaller things like our 3D lace motifs — all of these have been meticulously hand-cut and hand-placed onto each gown. We are extremely creative and experimental in our fit process, always testing finishes and details. We edit, and edit, and edit, for months on end. So, the collection goes from about 50 gowns to 11 gowns over a 12-month period.

The lookbook was photographed by Pierre Toussaint at Megan’s own home, showcasing Australia’s rich beauty alongside the dreamy gowns. Let’s have a look!

Elysian by Grace Loves Lace: Estelle

Grace Loves Lace Estelle GownSo sleek and simple and effortless! Estelle is available in 40 bust sizes — a fit for every body type.

Grace Loves Lace Estelle GownGLL also launched an updated line of bridal accessories, one of which is a bridal backpack!

When it came to crafting bags and backpacks, the function was at the forefront of Ziems’ thinking.“I remember back on my wedding day – almost 10 years ago – I didn’t have a bag that I could put my lippy, perfume or phone. The Bridal Backpack is a cool, chic solution for brides,”


Grace Loves Lace Eve GownEve features the classic rose lace by GLL. We just LOVE the high neck line!


Grace Loves Lace Filamena GownGo from ceremony to reception with removable bolero top.


Grace Loves Lace Frenchie GownAll the bows and lace and pearls! Frenchie is pure femininity — and pairs beautifully with the Odette headband veil.

Grace Loves Lace Odette Veil


Grace Loves Lace Lena Gown

Finding the perfect crepe was a project of its own. We studied everything; weight, finish, stretch, and colour tone all while ensuring it had to be high-quality, flattering, and comfortable. We wanted it to be that incredibly buttery, milky, supple crepe, while also being thick, supportive, and mouldable.


Grace Loves Lace Martini GownHas there ever been a better name for a dress? The sleek shape gives way to the fun Helena hat!


Grace Loves Lace Monet GownIf “romantic and feminine” were personified in a dress, it would be this one.


Grace Loves Lace Noah Gown

We have always designed for The Woman — not the bride. Our customer really values authenticity and innovation. Elysian, I feel, perfectly shows how we break down the bonds of tradition.


Grace Loves Lace River Wedding DressThe ultimate “less is more.”


Grace Loves Lace Star Wedding DressThe way this dress moves — it’s like she’s under water! The tulle overlay is Grace Loves Lace’s iconic pearlescent lace that actually shimmers in the sunlight. The armbands are also detachable for a second look!

Grace Loves Lace Star Wedding DressThe Star dress and the Monet veil — what a match.

Grace Loves Lace Star Wedding Dress


Grace Loves Lace Willow Wedding DressWillow is simplicity at its best.

A Peek at Elysian Accessories: Stardust Veil

Grace Loves Lace Stardust Veil essJust a little shimmer!

Immi Shoe Bows

Grace Loves Lace ImmiBows for ShoesOne of our favorite bridal accessories of all time, these bows add instant drama + romance! Who says your feet can’t have a little fun, too?

The entire Elysian collection will be made to order by Grace Loves Lace’s production and manufacturing team based on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The gowns — which range from $1,700to $3,450 USD — are available to order on the Grace Loves Lace website and at the brand’s eleven international showrooms this Thursday, September 24th!

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