DIY Spray Painted Floral Centerpiece

DIY spray painted floral centerpiece

Here at GWS we are ALL ABOUT a good (and easy!) DIY! One of our fave things to use for a quick DIY is spray paint. Such an easy way to take something that isn’t so special to making it just want you need. One thing we typically aren’t a fan of with Spray Paint though? All the chemicals they contain :( ….so that is why we were excited to learn about COLORSHOT Spray Paint.

Why is COLORSHOT formula different from other spray paints?

COLORSHOT Spray Paint still has chemicals (all spray paints have them) but COLORSHOT is made without xylene, benzene and toluene – three of the chemicals found in spray paint that have the most harmful long-term effects. We were VERY EXCITED to learn that! It is also sustainable. What does that mean? COLORSHOT is derived from sugarcane. Sugarcane is a sustainable resource, meaning they don’t use something from the earth that’s not replenishable. And one additional thing we love?  COLORSHOT is an acrylic-based formula, meaning it does not contain toxic drying agents (some spray paint use alkyd formulas which mean they often require toxic drying agents to fully cure. And with all those things, we can attest that this spray paint works! We tested a bunch of different things before coming up with this gorgeous DIY below and are super happy with the results.

COLORSHOT currently has 48 colors in 4 different finishes including matte, gloss, metallic, and satin. We also love the easy-to-grip can all the colors come in – so easy to hold when spraying!

Ok, so let’s get started on this gorgeous DIY!

colorshot spray paint

What You’ll Need:


How to Make The Centerpiece

1. First step is to spray paint the palms. We were going for a pale neutral color with blush tones – very on trend for weddings right now! Plus, I LOVE that you can keep this and use in your home after! WIN WIN! You’ll want to find a large box or you can use paper to spray on. We used COLORSHOT Head in the Clouds in Matte. Remember you’ll want to spray both sides. It takes about 10 minutes for the paint to dry – yay!

colorshot spray paint

2. We also wanted to add a pop of brighter pink to the gypsophila (baby’s breath) so we did a little ombre next with those flowers…a bit hard to tell in the final photos, but so pretty in person!

3. Next is the clay pot. We wanted to do something to make it a bit more special and the metallic spray paint is perfect for this. We used Lucky Penny (such a gorgeous copper color! Thinking this color would be so gorgeous on some palms as well!).

You’ll want to tape the pot where you don’t want the color to hit. We recommend using painters tape since that is easy to peel off.  After everything has dried – should take about 10 minutes, it’s time to put the centerpiece together!

4. Time to put together the centerpiece (aka the fun part!)! You’ll want to follow these steps above with first putting the floral foam in the bottom of the pot. You’ll then want to start with adding the palms, then add the banksia, then the ranunculus and finsih with the gypsophila. A few notes on this – you will need to cut the palms a bit, test them to see how tall you want them to be…it’s a bit of testing to see how you prefer the flowers to look, but we did cut the ends of all the stems a bit. We used the gypsophila to fill in any open spots since you don’t want to be able to see the floral foam.

spray painted floral centerpiece

And you’re done! LOVE that you can make these a few weeks before your wedding (or party) and they will be ready for your day. Another thing we love? These will still look great AFTER the wedding! We have this one sitting in our GWS office and it looks SO GOOD!! You could also remove some of the stems and create a new centerpiece for home. Really love that anytime you look at this it will remind you of your wedding day. :)

Another cute idea for your wedding? You could use small clay pots – spray them a bit to make them a bit more special – and then plant small succulents in each. And you have a sweet favor your guests will love! Food and plants are always the best favors in my opinion!

DIY spray painted floral centerpiece

DIY spray painted floral centerpiece

colorshot spray paint

So….we’d love to hear – what would you use COLORSHOT Spray Paint. for? Any wedding or home projects you think it would be great for? We’d love to hear in the comments. And as always, if you make your own spray painted centerpiece, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY. We’ll regram our faves!

Thanks so much to Jillian Rose Photography for capturing the completed shot for us!

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