DIY Macrame Hanging


We are excited to share this DIY for a macrame hanging from Michelle Edgemont! If you loved our Colorful Parker Palm Springs Wedding with macrame details earlier – here’s your chance to make some fun macrame details for your own wedding or just a fun piece to hang on your walls! This hanging makes a perfect backdrop piece, or even pretty chair decor, which we’ll share style at the end of the post. Here’s how to make one…


What You’ll Need:
Twine – 200 feet per chair
Heavy Rope – 20” per chair
• Scissors
• Two removable wall hooks
• Paint Brush
Textile Paint


Step 1: Stick your hooks 15” apart on a wall. Tie the heavy rope to the hooks. This will make it easier to knot the twine.


Step 2: Cut 35 strands of 70” long twine. Fold one in half and loop it around the rope as shown.

Step 3: Loop all 35 strands around the rope.


Step 4: Separate the twine into groups of ten individual strands.

Step 5: You’re going to be working with each group of ten strands at a time. In your first group, start with the strand on the furthest right. Knot it onto the strand to the left.

Step 6: Keep working with the same strand and knot it across the next piece of twine.


Step 7: Work right to left knotting on four strands. Stop in the middle.

Step 8: Pick up the strand on the furthest left and knot it onto the strand to it’s right.

Step 9: Work left to right using the same strand to make a knot onto four pieces of twine. When you read the middle, make two knots onto the strand you were using to knot from the right.


Step 10: Repeat this same knotting technique for four rows of knots.


Step 11: Do the same on all the other groups of ten strands of twine all the way across the rope.


Step 12: Starting on the left, separate the first two sections down the middle. Tape the strands you won’t be working with to the side.

Step 13: Using the same technique as steps 6 – 12, start with the strand furthest on the right and knot your first row of knots. These knots should be pretty loose. [update to this step for those that found it a bit confusing — See on step 12 where there are 10 strands hanging down? Treat those 10 strands the same exact way as the strands in steps 5-10.  Make the knots a little loose at first. The photo on step 13 is showing what it should look like after the first row of knots is done. Hope this helps! ]

Step 14: Repeat steps 6-12 until you’ve knotted four rows.


Step 15: Repeat across the rope by separating each original group of ten strands in half and knotting together.


Step 16: Tape the rope to a flat surface. Use painters tape to take the twine down about 10” from the top.


Step 17: Mix some of the paint with water and paint the bottom half of the twine.


Step 18: Tie the rope to a chair and trim off all of the extra twine creating a triangle shape.


And below is how we think you could style one for your mr. + mrs. chair…




So pretty + whimsical! And remember, if you make one of our DIY projects, we’d love to see how it turned out so be sure to share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY.

DIY created by Michelle Edgemont exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes. Looking for creative event styling, handmade details or flowers for your wedding? Check out Brooklyn based Michelle Edgemont for your wedding day!

Big thanks also to Patina Rental for the chairs, table + studio for the final styled shots