DIY: Fringe Triangle Garland

diy fringe garland main

Hello Green Wedding Shoes readers! I’m Natalie from Mint Love Social Club and I so excited to have both my wedding featured here today and get to share a fabulous DIY project with all of you! When my fiancé and I booked the Cree Estate in Palm Springs as our venue, we knew we wouldn’t have to do much in the way of decor but I still couldn’t pass up the chance to throw a little garland up between the palm trees above the dance floor – in our color scheme of grey, white, mint, and gold!  I decided to create a little updated take on bunting by creating a fringed triangle garland using fabric and gold metallic party drape. Here’s how you can create some for your very own wedding or event:

Materials needed:
•  ribbon in double the length you wish your garland to be
•  cotton fabric in the various colors you want to use for the triangles
•  rotary cutter and mat
•  sewing machine
•  metallic fringe decoration (if you want any sort of metallic like silver or gold in your garland you will need to use this since you aren’t going to find something affordable or attractive in a fabric)

diy fringe garland 2

1. Start by cutting your colored fabrics into rectangles sized 24 inches by 28 inches.  Then fold each of these in half so that you are left with a 24″ by 14″ piece (these rectangles do not need to be exact, I eyeballed the cuts on these so mine definitely vary a little in size).

diy fringe garland 4

2. Place one rectangle at a time on the cutting mat and cut “fringe” starting about one inch down from the folded side. Each fringe is about 3/4 inch wide, but again this does not need to be exact.

diy fringe garland 5

3. Once you have cut fringe across the entire piece, fold it half along the 24″ long side. Straighten fringe so everything lays flat then make a diagonal cut from the bottom corner on the “folded” side to 2 inches below the top corner on the “open” side.

diy fringe garland 6

4. After you have cut enough of fringed triangles to equal the length of garland you need, you can start sewing them together.

diy fringe garland 7

5. Cut two pieces of ribbon equal to the length you want the garland to be. You will not need to pin this garland while sewing.  Simply start by placing the folded edge of your first fringed triangle in between two pieces of ribbon and sew directly in the middle of the ribbon- essentially “sandwiching” the fringed triangle between the ribbon.

diy fringe garland 8

6. Continue sewing fringed triangles to the garland by overlapping each new triangle 4inches over the last in between the two pieces of ribbon ribbon. Be sure to leave 6 inches to a foot of extra ribbon on the end of each garland to use for hanging.

fringe garland finished

fringe garland diy hanging

Thanks so much Natalie for sharing this easy + super fun DIY on GWS today! And be sure to check out Mint Love Social Club all this week and next for some more DIY posts from her wedding.