DIY: Flower Tea Lights

DIY Flower Tea Lights

Remember all the giant paper flowers from this fun wedding I shared this morning? Well, Brittany is sharing a super cute diy to make paper flower tea lights – so whimsical + fun! From Brittany, “After making hundreds, perhaps thousands, of paper flowers, just before the wedding we found out that the reception site wouldn’t have much lighting at night so we decided that somehow we needed some lighting on each table. Candles combined with paper flowers was just not a good idea so we had to opt for battery-operated tea lights. My sweet sister came up with the model and my mom got to work recreating.” This is how it goes:

tea lights supplies

Your choice of colored paper for the petals. We used Canson art papers from our local art supply store and they were really great about reordering when we needed more of a certain color.
Black paper, Yellow paper, Green paper for leaves
battery-operated tea light
glue gun
x-acto knife

flower diy
Cut a 5 1/2″ circle with your choice of colored paper for the petals. I choose red here. Scallop the edges making sure it’s uneven.

second step for flower tea light
Cut 1 3/4 inches into the circle evenly 8 times.

flower tea light step 3
Shape the petal by squeezing the two sides together and gently bending them in.

diy step 4
Cut a 2″ circle with the black paper.

diy step 5
Cut evenly around the circle about 1/8″ apart to create the “stamen” of the center of the flower.

diy step 6
Round up the cut edges with the edge of some scissors.

diy step 7
Cut a 1 1/2″ yellow circle and do the same as you did to the black.

diy step 8
Glue both in place into the center of the flower. You might consider placing the glue on the perimeter of the centers as you’ll need to cut through them in the next step.

diy step 9
With an x-acto knife, cut an “x” in the center of the flower where the tea light will peak through.

diy step 10
The tea light should stay secure without glue but add if necessary.

diy step 11
Cut 4″ leaves. Any shape goes.

diy step 12
Fold the center of the leaf but stop about an inch before the edge to give it shape.

diy step 13
Glue leaves to the bottom of the flower.

diy step 14
Turn on light and voilá! Brittany placed about 3 – 5 on each table setting and it really added that much needed light and charm. Good luck!