DIY Felt Mistletoe

DIY felt mistletoe

How cute is this!? Maddy from Somewhere Splendid and Shauna of Shauna Younge Dessert Tables sent over this adorable DIY for me to share with you guys – thanks you two! I thought it would be cute for a photo prop or just to hang around your house to make sure you get lots of extra kisses this holiday season!

chenille stems
glue gun and glue
thin rubber band
2″ wide ribbon
¼” or ½” wide ribbon
this template

Cut out branches according to the provided template. For a fuller look, cut additional copies of the smaller and medium sized branches.

Back each branch with a color coordinated chenille stem, securing the stem in place with hot glue. This will stiffen the branches and allow them to be hand-shaped for a more natural, wild look. Secure the longest branch to a length of 2″ wide ribbon with a rubber band. Gradually add more branches by sliding each one under the rubber band. Position and hand-shape each branch to your liking, then cover the rubber band with the thinner width ribbon and tie in a bow to finish the look.

Hang in a spot where your honey will walk under daily! Happy Holidays :)