DIY: Copper + Cotton Wreath

DIY Copper & Cotton Wreath

If you saw yesterday’s Copper + Cotton Christmas Inspiration editorial shot by Megan Welker, then you definitely saw all the beautiful wreaths hanging on the walls! And today Beijos Events + MV Florals are sharing how they made their copper + cotton wreath from the shoot! The holidays are right around the corner so we know this DIY is perfect for those of you who want to get a little crafty and hang some gorgeous pieces in your home! But we think these beauties would also make for a pretty rad backdrop for any Christmas-season wedding.  Let’s see how they did it…

DIY Copper + Cotton Wreath

What You’ll Need:
Wire Cutters
Paddle Wire (available at local flower shops)
Wire Wreath Form (available at Flower shops, garden centers, and craft stores)
• Greenery. In this wreath we used the following foliage: Rosemary, Olive Branch, Cotton, Bay Laurel, Cedar

DIY Copper + Cotton Wreath

Step 1: Pre-cut all your foliage you want to use and keep in piles of each type, making it easier to see.

First, wrap the wire around the wire wreath form, securing it so it doesn’t slide off.

Start by gathering your foliage. Use one or two pieces of each type and layer together, having the pieces at different lengths. Once you have the cluster of greens place on the wire form, start wrapping the paddle wire around the ends of the greenery, giving it a small tug so it stays tight and keeps the greens in place. You do not cut the paddle wire until the very end, so keep it in one hand as you continue.

DIY Copper + Cotton Wreath

Step 2: Place another cluster of foliage, this time adding a piece of cotton to the wreath. Use the paddle wire to continue wrapping around, working your way down as you add each new cluster of greenery.

DIY Copper + Cotton Wreath

Step 3: Continue the pattern of adding clusters of greenery and a piece or two of cotton to each section as you wrap the paddle wire around each piece, making sure the wire is tight.

Once you get to the last cluster of greenery, place it on top of the wire form and tuck the ends of the foliage underneath the very first cluster you started with. Wrap the wire around, hiding it as much as possible and tie off at the back of the wreath by twisting it on the wire form. Finish by cutting any excess stems that are showing and adjusting any greenery or cotton you feel need to be moved.

Hang and Enjoy!

Tip: to make the wreath last as long as possible you can mist every day.

DIY Copper + Cotton Wreath

So festive! If you make your own copper + cotton wreath using these steps or supplies, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY. We’ll regram our faves!

Thanks so much to Beijos Events for the steps,  MV Florals for the materials and Megan Welker for the photos + steps!