DIY: Bridal Shower Popsicle Party

diy bridal shower popsicle party

So after looking at all those yummy popsicles in the post this morning, we got to thinking about how fun it would be to make your own popsicles for a bridal shower or even a rehearsal dinner/picnic. So many flavor options – and if you make them yourself, you can add booze to them! Who wouldn’t love a booze popsicle. :) I tried making a few different kinds of popsicles – mixing some of my favorite flavors with vodka, prosecco and tequila and seeing how they turned out. I have to say they were pretty tasty and Jason definitely loved this project since he got to help taste test each of the 4 flavors I created. :) So,  I’m sharing my two favorite recipes I created and links to a few other yummy sounding recipces to try. I hope you’ll try one of those or create your own – the possibiles are endless! And if you create your own, I’d love to hear your flavor combination in the comments!

diy bridal shower popsicle party

mango strawberry mimosa popsicle

Mango Strawberry Mimosa Pop
• mango orange juice
• fresh strawberries
• prosecco
• 3 oz dixie cups
• small bamboo forks purchased at Target

1. Mix 1 cup of OJ with ½ cup Proscecco
2. Pour into 8 small dixie cups – should fill up about ¾ of the way. Put in the freezer for 30 minutes
3. While those are freezing, take 5 large strawberries and puree with ¼ cup OJ
4. Add this next layer to the popsicles along with the bamboo forks in the center and freeze overnight
5. Enjoy!

makes 6 pops (you can easily double or triple to make more)
mint grapefruit margarita popsicle

Mint Grapefruit Margarita Pop

• 1 ruby red grapefruit
• 2 tbsp sugar
• ½ tbsp tequila
• ½ tbsp orange liqueur
• 8 mint leaves – chopped into tiny pieces
• 3 oz dixie cups
• small bamboo forks purchased at Target

1. Place peeled grapefruit and the rest of the ingredients in blender or food processor. Pour into cups.
2. After 1 hour, take the cups out and stick the sticks into the center. Freeze the pops overnight.
3. Enjoy!

makes 4 pops (you can easily double or triple to make more)

bridal shower popsicle party

I found lots of interesting recipes while doing research for this DIY. Some I’m looking forward to trying are below: Cantaloupe and Kiwi Daiquiri Pops, 4th of July Cocktail Cooler Pops, Cherry Apple Whiskey Sour Pops, Cucumber Honeydew Margarita Pops

bridal shower popsicle party

Don’t feel like making your own pops – or just not enough time? – although making them was pretty easy and didn’t take that long to make! :) Anyways, I found this cute idea below from Southern Living – a glass of Prosecco with a popsicle in it! Sounds tasty and summery to me.

popsicles in champagne

popsicle party

So, what do you guys think? Anyone off to make some popsicles this weekend? What flavors are you excited to try? I’d love to hear them. I also made a watermelon mojito pop that was pretty tasty – and just remembered I have a few left in the freezer. Think I know what I’m having for a snack this afternoon! :)

photo above of bridesmaids eating popsicles from Ruche, all other photos by green wedding shoes unless noted