DIY: Boho Double Fishtail Braid

DIY double fishtail braid with flower crown

Just when we thought we couldn’t love the idea of braids any more, fishtail braids resurfaced on the beauty scene and our hearts did a little happy dance. We’ve been happily rocking this hairstyle everywhere from barre class to fancy dinners and events, but our mind was pretty much blown when we saw the evolution of the fishtail, and had a whydidn’tIthinkofthat moment! Well, we may not have, but Chelsea from Hazel & Scout + hairstylist, Twiggy Romei, did…so three cheers for the Boho Double Fishtail Braid and we’re excited the girls are going to share with us just how to get this look!

Before we dive into the steps below, we want give a quick recap for those of you who may have missed our other features with Chelsea, an Alabama-based fashion stylist + blogger who is taking us along on her wedding planning journey! You can take a peek at our entire series with her here, and we’re excited to see her wedding come to life soon – and can’t wait to see the photos since one of her bridesmaids will be sporting a (you guessed it!) boho double fishtail braid!


note: This hair style works best on second-day hair with a little bit of texture or wave. To achieve the same look on freshly washed locks, apply dry shampoo to your roots and shake things up a bit!

Step one: Create a fishtail braid (to one side of your head) leaving out a large section of hair for later.


Step two: Secure the first braid with a clear elastic and pull apart to add fullness and texture.


Step three: Repeat steps one and two with the remaining hair. You should be left with two chunky fishtails.


Step four (optional): Adorn your boho braids with a gorgeous flower crown or fun headpiece.



Isn’t it amazing?! We are so going to try this one out ASAP! A big thanks to Chelsea for sharing this DIY with us and for taking us along for the ride as she plans her wedding with her soon-to-be-hubby, Ainsworth! Remember you can check out the entire Fashion Blogger series with Chelsea right here!

And if you try your hand at a boho double fishtail braid, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY. We’ll regram our faves!

Photography: Sleepy Fox Photography | Styling: Hazel & Scout | Hair: Twiggy Romei | Floral Design: Simpsons Florist | Dress: Free People