DIY: Boho Bunting


Boho Bunting is a great way to incorporate your personal style, interests and heritage into your wedding day! For this bunting, we picked postcards with symbolic references to the couple’s interests, travel and background. Vintage nicknacks and family pass-downs make this bunting even more personal. And not only does it provide pretty inspiration for your wedding, you can then hang it in your home after the wedding to remind you of your day! A perfect win-win in our book. :) Thanks again to our super creative DIY contributors, Jessica + Garett over at Wednesday for creating this personal + easy to do DIY for us today!


We used a bright, vintage lace as our cord. We punched holes in the postcards and tied them by string to the lace. Little stitches (or hot glue) hold the fabric onto the lace. To protect the family photos, we used clothes pins to fasten them to the bunting.


It’s important to keep at least one commonality throughout the bunting, so it looks well thought out and cohesive. We used extra pink and white lace to make fringe that we sporadically used throughout the bunting. We also tried to keep a pretty cohesive color scheme!



We seriously love this bunting! It can easily replace the traditional family photo table or wall with something much more aesthetically interesting and detailed. Yet it still remembers and includes those we love and the things that make us us!


DIY created by Wednesday exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes