DIY: Animal Table Identifier


We have a fun + easy to recreate DIY today from our DIY contributors, Going Lovely. This playful animal table identifier is the perfect way to bring some whimsy (and fun animal touches!) into your wedding. I’ll be sitting at the Gorilla table! :)


• Plastic Animal (we purchased ours from Amazon)
• Spray paint in colors of your choice
• Hot glue gun + glue sticks
• Wood craft plaque big enough to fit your animal on (purchased at Michaels)
• Silver floral stem wire (purchased at Michaels)
• Wire cutter
• Screwdriver
• Drill + drill bit set


Step 1: Spray paint the wood craft plaque with one color of your choice. We sprayed 2 coats so that we couldn’t see the wood grain through the paint.

Step 2: Spray paint your plastic animal with several coats of spray paint. Use primer first so that you don’t have to use too much spray paint. Make sure to let the paint dry in between coats so that there are no paint drips!

Step 3: Using your wire cutter, cut a piece of floral wire about 8 inches long. Wrap one end of the wire twice around the handle of the screwdriver and pull it off so that you end up with what looks like the top of a place card holder.


Step 4: Use the drill and 1/16” drill bit to create a hole in the center of the top of the plastic animal.

Step 5: Poke the wire place card holder into the hole.

Step 6: Apply hot glue to the feet of the plastic animal and set it on the wood craft plaque. It should take about a minute to dry and feel secured on the plaque.

Place table identifier card in the wire holder and style it on the table. We think guests will love this unique and quirky table identifier!


DIY created by Going Lovely exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes. Looking for creative event design + coordination? Check out San Francisco based Going Lovely for your wedding day! Big thanks also to the talented Kirsten Julia for the photography.