DIY: Airplant Boutonniere


Airplants have been a huge hit with wedding florals for the past few years (and we even shared a shoot this morning with lots of pretty airplant details!), so today we are sharing how to make your own airplant boutonniere, perfect for your hubby and his groomsmen! Our DIY contributor Michelle Edgemont created some easy steps to make one, and provided three different ways you can customize your bout to fit your wedding vibe. We’ll be following along with the whimsical version, but she also provided a modern look + a rustic look. Lets see how she did it!


What You’ll Need:
• two types or colors of paper per boutonniere style – modern: gold mirror cardstock, black cardstock // whimsical: vintage wrapping paper, gold glitter polka dot cardstock // rustic: wood veneer sheets, kraft paper
tacky glue
• scissors
floral wire
cloth covered floral wire
• pencil
floral tape
• ribbons – modern: gold sequin trim and black + white polka dot satin ribbon // whimsical: neon pink ribbon and neon pink rope // rustic: white lace + twine


Step 1: Start by creating a “stem” for the airplant. Take a piece of the floral wire and stick it straight through the bottom of the airplant. Pull halfway through.

Step 2: Stick another piece of wire through the bottom of the airplant in the other direction, creating an X out of the wire.

Step 3: Fold the wires down to create the “stem.”

Step 4: Wrap the floral tape around the wires to secure. Keep the tape taught as you wrap. When it is stretched, it gets sticky and sticks to itself.


Step 5: Wrap all the way down the wires.

Step 6: On the back of two pieces of the decorative paper, sketch out shapes of leaves. We are going to make paper leaves for the boutonniere.

Step 7: Cut out the leaves. Glue the cloth covered wires on the back of the paper leaves. Let dry.

Step 8: Place the leaves behind the airplant. Hold all of the wire stems together and wrap together with floral tape.


Step 9: Cut the wires to leave a 2” stem on the boutonniere. Bend the leaves out to the sides. The wire stems let you manipulate the leaves to be in the exact place you want.

Step 10: Place a line of tacky glue down the back of the boutonniere and wrap a ribbon around to cover the tape.





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DIY created by Michelle Edgemont exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes. Looking for creative event styling, handmade details or flowers for your wedding? Check out Brooklyn based Michelle Edgemont for your wedding day!