DIY: A Cupcake Topping Bar

diy cupcake topping bar

I love any kind of “topping bar,” so when Amber of Enjoy Cupcakes asked if I’d be interested in sharing a DIY for a cupcake topping bar, I said – of course!! :)

From Amber, Kevin + I have had a cupcake topping bar idea in mind for several months. So we teamed up with Jennifer Young (GWS featured Jenn’s wedding way back in the early days of GWS – it was gorgeous if you missed it!) to have her capture what’s been swirling around in our minds. We created a rustic, fall themed cupcake topping bar to fit the current season, however the overall concept easily translates to any wedding theme or style. Enjoy Cupcakes offers the “BUILD IT” cupcake topping bar for weddings, but you can also achieve the concept on your own for parties or special occasions. Here are some tips…

cupcakes with frosting

We frosted cupcakes with a just a ring of frosting so the toppings could fill the holes in the middles.

cupcakes with toppings

We filled vintage syrup dispensers with our house-made sauces and syrups.

cupcake topping bar

cupcake topping bar enjoy cupcakes

Mini hallowed out pumpkins served as “bowls” that we filled with a variety of cupcake toppings.

cupcake topping bar

To further carry out the fall theme, we cut slits in mini pumpkins and used them as flavor card holders for the sauces, and hallowed regular size pumpkins and used them as flower vases. When creating a banner for your topping bar, burlap, stencils and left over house paint can go a long way!

cupcake topping diy tutorial

The “Build It” cupcake bar allows your guests the opportunity to create their own personalized cupcake! Easy + fun – I love it!

In addition, Amber also made some mini cutting cakes for this photo shoot because she (like us here at GWS) is kind of obsessed with tiny cakes:)

mini cakes

mini cakes for wedding

The lovely Amber (photo sent to us by her adoring husband who is so proud of her and wanted to show Amber off – seriously one of the sweetest emails I’ve received!). Thanks so much to Amber + Kevin of Enjoy Cupcakes – and now I’m seriously craving some cupcakes! :)

cupcake topping bar