Links + Loves: A Cool DIY Project + Books to Add to Your List

Teracotta DIY

Welcome to another edition of Links + Loves! Let’s jump right in…

Here’s some good news to start: our floral wedding planners are on sale! We designed fun floral covers that range from boho to modern to romantic. All our faves! Take 20% off until 7/22.

In case you missed it, this rather STUNNING day was super popular got a lot of love (and a lot of clicks) this week! It’s been very inspiring to watch wedding artists take on the challenge of social distancing and come up with creative solutions and ideas for traditionally large gatherings. Keep ’em coming!

{above image via Collective Gen}

Here are a few things our editors are loving lately:


This #trashtoterracotta series is stunning and would be a GREAT low-budget project for the DIY couple! (Pair with some dried palms and you’ve got a centerpiece!)

If you love the interiors in Nancy Meyers films (like The Holiday), you’ll love this article.

My happiness level has gone up 1000% since I bought this (I was skeptical, but it really works).

For when you love flowers and you also love sneakers, there’s this shoe.

I swear by this $16 bralette. It’s comfortable and supportive (for a bralette, of course) and especially great if you’ve grown accustomed to going braless during quarantine but occasionally have to join regular society.

I got some local farm fresh blueberries from our farmers market so I made this. Words cannot describe!

Ordered this breezy dress to wear around the house (it’s under $25).

I’ve got a serious travel bug right now so I ordered this book.

I just stumbled across Julie’s Library. It’s a storytime podcast by the one and only Julie Andrews. Her iconic voice is just so soothing.

Fans of The Office can’t miss this.

I bought this mail holder to start my “command center” and will add a whiteboard for notes between hubby and me.

Currently reading White Fragility in a book club and welcoming all the lessons that deal with assumptions about race from an antiracist educator! (PS: This book has sold out online a few times but many local bookshops carry it. We recommend checking with a local Black-owned bookstore if you can!)

I’m on the hunt for some lanterns for the patio and these ones are really cute — and on sale!

Just ordered this jungalow handbook by Justina Blakeney.

One of my favorite summer boozy spritzers just launched their pineapple basil flavor. So excited!

And finally, something to help us feel a bit more hopeful about the future + #covidlife.