Links + Loves: Comfy Thigh-High Boots Under $100 + a Date Night Hack

painted rainbow pumpkins

Welcome to another edition of Links + Loves! Let’s jump right in…

Guys. 10 WEEKS until Christmas. It’s cool — we’re fine. We won’t get ahead of ourselves, but it’s wild how October flies by. Goal this weekend? Relax and be present, with maybe a little fall cocktail and a good book in hand.

Don’t miss our roundup of face masks for fall! The blush ruffle one is SO cute, and scroll to the end for a funny Halloween option. And who misses travel?! (Sad face.) This Parisian elopement won’t help your wanderlust, but it sure is dreamy to imagine…

{photo via The House that Lars Built}

Here are a few things our editors are loving lately:


From Jen:

JoJo Fletcher x Etsy just launched a holiday collection and I want everything.

We shared our first reel on Instagram last weekend for the easiest DIY — you guys loved it and we can’t wait to create more!

This weekend is all about painting some pumpkins and making this cinnamon swirl chocolate chip pumpkin bread – bring on the fall things (and some fall weather please!)

Anthro is having a 25% off sale this weekend for members – planning to start my holiday shopping as well as start thinking holidays – this sequin duster and these wide-leg velvet pants are calling my name! All about comfy glam this holiday season.

From Britt:

I’ve found a little bit of journaling in the morning goes a long way, but it helps to have a prompt. Here are 30 — I pick one that’s speaking to me and write for 10 minutes!

Here’s a date-night hack that’s my husband and I love: start around 5:00 with happy hour drinks and apps at a fancy hotel bar, then grab cheap delicious tacos from a taco truck. Finish off with ice cream or a wander around Whole Foods for dessert. (Or skip dessert for a stroll through Target or a bookstore!) You’re home in time for a movie on the couch!

THIS is the handbag that makes all outfits suddenly look “put together.”

Currently reading this book by one of my go-to authors. There’s a little spooky factor that feels so perfect for fall!

From Danielle:

On the rare occasion that I do leave my home this autumn, I’ll wear these chic thigh-high boots from that are surprisingly comfortable and under $100!

‘Tis pie season! I love handmade ceramics, so I snagged this handmade pie plate. Makes for a really cute presentation, even if my crust doesn’t turn out great.

Last Saturday was Mental Health Awareness Day and I’ve been giving myself some love by reading ‘All Along You Were Blooming’ by Morgan Harper Nichols.

Thinking of painting pumpkins before October ends — taking a page out of this DIY article.

From Katie:

Have you watched Ratched on Netflix? We are loving it! Just enough spooky-vibes for the Halloween season.

My hair has been dry and frizzy so I bought this frizz control oil from Target to put on my ends after a shower. It was highly recommended!

We have this Szechuan Noodles recipe in our Hello Fresh box this week and I can’t wait to make it!

From Jessi:

With football season in full swing, I thought I’d share our go-to snack food for sports!

These are all you’ll ever need for back pain!

The best gift for yourself and the best gift for a loved one will forever be this.

Happy weekend-ing!