Cayucos Creek Barn Wedding in Cayucos, CA

The central coast of California has some beautiful landscapes. The Cayucos Creek Barn is perfectly located one mile from the beach and in the charming central coast town of Cayucos, California. The barn is surrounded by lush green pastures, oak trees, organic farms, avocado groves, rolling hills and meadows, a creek, with a fresh ocean and country breeze, where land and seabirds soar in the clear blue skies. Beautiful…

This wedding was sent to me by the talented Sissel of Sissel Byington Photography. She had this to say about the wedding, “What else can I say but “Wow!” What a wonderful event! The wedding was beautifully quaint, one of the most original weddings I have ever seen. Everything about it just fit them like a glove. The couple did all their own flowers, signs, decor, etc. Immediately after the wedding, guests settled into games of horseshoes and volleyball. There were fire pits outside for toasting marshmallows and smores buckets at each table. When the dancing began, there was little room on the floor. Just about everyone was up for the line dancing lessons. It looked like a scene right out of a movie.”

Thanks so much for sharing and congrats to Jordi and Kirsten!


barn wedding

barn wedding


barn wedding

wedding exit