55 Best Gifts for Book Lovers + Avid Readers They’ll Actually Love

collage of the best gifts for book lovers and avid readers including a book-shaped golden locket, a reading sweatshirt, a Hamlet purse, and a first edition baby onesie

Calling all book lovers, bookworms, bibliophiles, and avid readers — we’re rounding up the best gifts and ideas for the literature-obsessed! If you’re shopping for someone who always has their nose in a book, these gifts will make them feel like the main character in their own story.

From comfy additions to their book nook to rad literary experiences, we’ve found the best gift ideas for every type of book lover that go beyond the best-seller list. So turn the page (aka, scroll down) and let’s get into the gifts your fave avid reader will love almost as much as their favorite book!

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Should you gift a book to a book lover?

lit musky scented soy candle gifts for book lovers placed on a stack of novels
photo: @allie_oleanik | gift ideas for book lovers: this “Book Boyfriend” candle

While book lovers may love books (it’s in the name!), they aren’t always the best gift ideas for avid readers. That’s because books can be a pretty personal choice, and someone may have a very specific genre, author, or style that they like.

Unless you know your fave avid reader’s reading habits very well, or there’s a book they’ve been talking about buying, we suggest opting for book-related gifts that aren’t on the best-seller list.

But don’t stress — below we’ve rounded up all the best gifts for book lovers that aren’t actual books. From book accessories to book-inspired keepsakes, there’s something for every type of reader!

Our Favorite Shops for the Best Gift Ideas for Book Lovers and Avid Readers

woman wearing a Pride and Prejudice literature inspired amazon crossbody purse gifts for book lovers with a gold peacock feather design
photo: Rebecca Lord via Well Read Co. | gift ideas for book lovers: this cute book inspired purse

Need some shopping inspo? We’ve got you covered. Here are the best places to find crowd-pleasing gift ideas for book lovers and avid readers!

  • Etsy: Book lovers will LOVE all the unique and personalized gift ideas on Etsy. These are the gifts you won’t find anywhere else, like custom book-themed wall art and bookmarks inspired by their fur baby. Plus, most of their gifts are handmade by independent sellers and small businesses, perfect for readers who love to shop small!

And of course, there’s always Amazon! While Amazon is known for their huge range of best-sellers, they also have great gift ideas for book lovers that aren’t books. Keep scrolling for our favorite gift ideas for readers from each of these shops, and more!

The Best Gifts for Book Lovers, At Every Price Point

unique personalized literature stack illustrated wall art gifts for book lovers in a light wood frame
gift ideas for book lovers: this personalized book stack illustration

Whether you’re looking for a small just because gift or something more wow-worthy, we’ve narrowed down all the best gift ideas for book lovers, avid readers, English majors, librarians, and everyone in between!

And to help you find the perfect present for the book lover on your list, we’ve also broken these gifts down by price, from budget-friendly options to luxury splurges. You’re definitely going to want to bookmark this page!

The Best Gifts for Book Lovers Under $25

library card reading log bookmarks gifts for book lovers in a retro typewriter inspired font
gift ideas for book lovers under $25: these library card-inspired bookmarks

Looking for something small to surprise your favorite book lover? We’ve got you! Below we’ve rounded up the best gift ideas for book lovers and avid readers that all clock in at under $25.

From bookmarks to must-have reading accessories, these gifts make the perfect small gesture for a literary superfan. You can also combine them with any of the other gift ideas for book lovers on this list!

1. Best Gift for Book Lovers With a Curated Collection: This Custom “From The Library Of” Stamp

inexpensive and personalized library themed stamp gifts for book lovers that has a open book on it and the words "From the Library of Isabella James"

For book lovers who are slowly building their personal library, this gift will give their collection a one-of-a-kind touch. Now they can give all their favorite books their stamp of approval — literally!

Get this self-inking stamp personalized with their name and choose between 9 different colors for the ink. Each cartridge can stamp up to 10,000 impressions…so they’ll have a great excuse to add even more books to their collection!

Shop This Personalized Book Stamp

2. Best Gift for Book Lovers on the Go: This Rustic Wood Page Holder

rustic wood personalized page holder gifts for book lovers with an engraved monogram

This is the best gift for book lovers and avid readers who never go anywhere without a book. Whether they’re reading on the couch, on the bus, or on the beach, this page holder will make devouring their story SO much easier. Now all they need is one finger to hold open a book, instead of two hands!

We also love the cute rustic design of this page holder, which is small enough to tuck away in a pocket or purse. You can even get it engraved with a custom initial for a personal touch!

Shop This Personalized Wood Page Holder

3. Best Gift for Book Lovers With a Specific Reading Goal: This Reading Journal + Planner

black reading journal and planner gifts for book lovers with gold foil cover text that says "for the love of books"

If your favorite book lover is always talking about their annual reading goal, then this is the best gift to help them stay on track. With this reading journal, they can track their daily reading progress, review each book as they go, and even create a literary bucket list for future reads.

And with such a gorgeous design, this journal also doubles as a chic keepsake. The hardback cover will look gorgeous on their bookshelf!

Shop This Cute Book Journal Gift for Avid Readers

4. Best Gift for Readers Who Love to Show Off Their Favorite Book: These Unique Miniature Book Earrings

inexpensive personalized book themed earrings gifts for readers

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cuteness?! These one-of-a-kind earrings are custom hand-made to look like a miniature version of your favorite book. They’re the perfect gift for readers who love their books with a side of glamour!

Just send an Amazon link to your favorite book, and this Etsy seller will do the rest. We’re obsessed!

Shop These Custom Miniature Book Earrings

5. Best Gift for Book Lovers Who Are Night Readers: This Cute Butterfly Book Light

inexpensive purple butterfly shaped reading light gifts for book lovers

When “just one more chapter” turns into an all-nighter of reading, a book light is a MUST. And this one is the absolute cutest! It’s shaped like a butterfly for a dose of whimsy, features an adjustable arm, and easily clips onto any book.

Cute AND practical, this is one of the best gift ideas for book lovers who share a bed (or a room). No more sacrificing their reading time!

Shop This Cute Book Light Gift for Readers

6. Best Gift for Readers Who Love to Cook: A Literature-Themed Cookbook

unique inexpensive literature themed cookbook gifts for book lovers

We’ve all dreamed about living inside the world of our favorite book. While that may not be possible just yet, this gift is the perfect way to get a small taste of what it would be like!

With recipes inspired by the worlds of Jane Austen, Tolkien, Harry Potter, and more, literary cookbooks are some of the best gift ideas for book lovers who also love to cook. Throw a tea party worthy of Mr. Darcy, or finally try the famous Hogwarts pumpkin juice. Cooking dinner just got way more fun!

Shop This Cookbook Gift for Readers

7. Best Gift for Book Lovers Who Scribble in the Margins: These Unique Leather Pen Holders

avid reader holding a novel with a unique elastic leather strap and pen holder gifts for book lovers appended to the cover

For book lovers who love to scribble in the margins as they read, this gift is a NEED, not a want. With a leather pen holder and an elastic band that wraps around any size book, this strap ensures that a writing utensil is never out of reach.

So whenever the desire strikes to underline a quote, add a small note, or circle their favorite passages, they’ll be ready! (P.S. These straps also come in a ton of different stylish colors!)

Shop These Book Strap Gift Ideas for Readers

8. Best Gift for Book Lovers Who Are New Parents: This Cute “First Edition” Onesie

cute inexpensive book themed baby onesie gifts for readers with text that says "First Edition published 2024"

Welcome the future book lover to the family with this adorable gift for new parents! Inspired by a vintage first edition book, this 100% organic cotton baby onesie is the cutest way to announce the news or celebrate the latest addition to the fam.

Get it personalized with the year of publication, and pair it with your favorite children’s book to start their reading obsession early!

Shop This Cute Book Themed Onesie

9. Best Holiday Gift for Book Lovers: This Cute Book Stack Ornament

inexpensive glittery book stack ornament gifts for readers with an assortment of colorful novels

‘Tis the season for curling up next to the fire and finally finishing your reading stack. And we can’t think of a cuter way to mark the season!

If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas for book lovers, this glass ornament is a no-brainer. Designed to look like a festive book stack, it’ll give their tree a personal (and glittery) touch.

Shop This Book Stack Ornament Gift for Readers

10. Best Gift for Readers Who Love Coffee: This Cute Personalized Mug

personalized favorite books mug gift ideas for book lovers and readers with a custom illustration of someone's favorite novels

What would a good reading sesh be without your favorite hot beverage by your side?! Make this ritual even cozier with this book stack mug, which can be personalized with up to nine of your favorite titles. You can also customize the gift’s color palette to match your (or your favorite book lover’s) style.

Now all that’s missing is some gourmet coffee or tea to break it in!

Shop This Cute Custom Book Stack Mug

11. Best Gift Idea for Book Lovers Who Enjoy a Nightcap: These Literature-inspired Whiskey Glasses

unique literature themed whiskey rocks glass gifts for book lovers

If their beverage of choice is whiskey versus coffee, then trade that book-themed mug for these rocks glasses instead! Inspired by classic literature, these glasses showcase the cover design and famous quotes from books like Dracula, Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice, and more.

They’re the best gifts for book lovers who enjoy their nightly chapter with a nightcap (very Hemingway of them!).

Shop These Whiskey Glass Gift Ideas for Readers

12. Best Gift for Book Lovers-Slash-Amateur Mixologists: This Literary Cocktail Recipe Book

unique Tequila Mockingbird literature themed cocktail recipe book gifts for book lovers

Speaking of nightcaps…this is the best gift for book lovers and avid readers who are also amateur mixologists! With over 70 delicious drink recipes inspired by the classics, this cocktail book is the ultimate addition to their bar cart. Some of our faves? Gin Eyre, The Hand-Mule’s Tale, and Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita. Boozy bookworms, this one’s for you!

P.S. This is also a great gift idea to spice up your monthly book club!

Shop This Cocktail Book Gift for Readers

cute retro modern table with storage for glasses and cocktails

For readers who love to pair their current book with a cocktail, these bar carts also make great gift ideas! We rounded up chic options for every style.

13. Best Gift for Cottagecore Book Lovers: These Personalized Pressed Flower Bookmarks

cute personalized pressed flower bookmarks gifts for book lovers

The ultimate upgrade to dog-eared pages, these bookmarks are absolutely stunning! We love love love the cottagecore vibe of the pressed flower design, which can be customized for any color palette. And for an extra special touch, you can also personalize each bookmark with a name, word, or initials!

For gift ideas that every reader will appreciate, it doesn’t get better than this. After all, every book lover needs a bookmark!

Shop These Bookmark Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

14. Best Gift for Readers Who Love to Puzzle: This Literature Themed Jigsaw Puzzle

inexpensive Sherlock Holmes literature themed puzzle gift for book lovers

Even book lovers need a break from reading every once in a while, and this is the best gift for those quiet nights off! Inspired by famous literature, these rad puzzles give you the chance to dive into a book’s world, one jigsaw piece at a time.

Keep an eye out for Dr. Watson and Arthur Conan Doyle with this Sherlock Holmes puzzle, or piece together crime-solving clues with this Agatha Christie one. There are even Dracula and Frankenstein versions for horror fans!

Shop these Puzzle Gift Ideas for Readers

15. Best Gift for Witchy Book Lovers: This “Literary Witches” Oracle Deck

unique literary witches oracle card deck gifts for book lovers

Manifest your happy ending with the help of famous “literary witches” with this unique oracle deck! Inside you’ll find 70 cards featuring trailblazing female writers and witchy illustrations to guide your creative and spiritual journey.

Kind of like getting your Tarot cards read by Emily Brontë, Agatha Christie, or Toni Morrison, this is the ultimate gift for aspiring literary witches!

Shop This Oracle Deck Gift for Book Lovers

The Best Gifts for Book Lovers Under $50

cute Little Women book themed vegan leather kindle reader cover gifts for book lovers
gift ideas for book lovers under $50: these book-themed Kindle reader covers

Balling on a budget? No prob — we’ve narrowed down the very best gift ideas for book lovers and avid readers for under $50!

With rad gift ideas for every type of reader (including Kindle book lovers!), the hardest part will be choosing just one. But don’t worry, you can always dog-ear the rest of them for later!

16. Best Cozy Gift for Book Lovers: This Cute Cotton Crewneck

cute unique sweatshirt gifts for book lovers in a creamy brown color with text that says "My Reading Sweatshirt" along with a book icon

A gift for book lovers that’s cute, cozy, and lets everyone know they’re in reading mode? Say no more! This minimalist crewneck is made with a soft cotton blend for maximum comfort and comes in 5 different colors to match your style (including a super cute pink one!).

And with the words “My Reading Sweatshirt” printed on the front, it’s the perfect gift for bookworms who don’t want to be bothered once they open the page.

Shop This Crewneck Gift for Book Lovers

17. Best Gift for Readers Who Never Leave the House Without a Book: This Kate Spade Tote Bag

cute literature themed Kate Spade canvas tote bag gifts for book lovers

This is the best (and most stylish!) gift for book lovers and readers who are always on the go, book in hand. A great everyday tote bag, it’s the perfect size for storing a book or two, plus other daily essentials like a water bottle, sweatshirt, wallet, glasses….you name it!

We also can’t get over the cute book stack design on the front. We’d expect nothing less from Kate Spade!

Shop This Tote Bag Gift for Book Lovers + Readers

18. Best Home Decor Gift for Book Lovers: These Cute Book Shaped Vases

cute classic book shaped ceramic vases gifts for readers with a famous novel cover on each design

As fellow book lovers, we can confirm: book-shaped home decor items make for AMAZING gifts. And these book-shaped vases are the perfect example!

Inspired by the covers of classic books like The Secret Garden and The Great Gatsby, these vases will instantly give any countertop a dreamy vibe. You can also use them for so much more than just flowers — the smaller size is perfect for makeup brushes!

Shop These Ceramic Vase Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

19. Best-Smelling Gift Idea for Book Lovers: This Unique Author Inspired Candle

Charlotte Bronte author inspired scented candle gifts for book lovers

Pay homage to the literary greats with an author-inspired candle! Part of Paddywax’s Library Collection, each candle highlights a different famous author, from Louisa May Alcott to Oscar Wilde. Not only do they smell amazing, but each jar also features a quote from the writer!

It’s the best-smelling gift for book lovers who love to set a cozy mood as they dive into their latest read. Best paired with a relaxing bubble bath!

Shop These Best Smelling Gift Ideas for Readers

long lasting soy fragrance on Amazon with a patchouli scent

Looking for more best-smelling gift ideas for book lovers? Check out our complete round-up of swoon-worthy candles!

20. Best Gift for Book Lovers With Limited Floor Space: These Unique Invisible Book Shelves

unique invisible floating shelves gift ideas for book lovers and readers

Help your favorite book lover display their collection in style with these rad invisible shelves! They’re one of the best gift ideas for readers who may not have space for a large bookshelf, or who are looking for a unique way to show off their faves.

Each shelf is designed to disappear under a book, while still being strong enough to hold an entire stack. They’re also a great price — you can get two for under $50!

Shop These Floating Book Shelf Gift Ideas for Readers

21. Best Gift Idea for Book Lovers Who Use a Kindle: These Book Inspired Kindle Covers

unique hardback book inspired kindle reader cover gifts for book lovers who want their tech to look like an actual novel

Calling all Kindle fans! E-readers make reading anywhere and everywhere SO easy, but they lack the charming aesthetic of a real book. That’s where this gift comes in!

Designed to look like a vintage hardback book, these Kindle covers give you those classic bookish vibes while also protecting your technology. You can even choose specific books to base your cover on, like The Great Gatsby or Pride and Prejudice. Such a cute upgrade to that boring black design!

Shop Kindle Readers Cover Gift Ideas

22. Best Gift for Readers Who Love to Multi-Task: This Tablet Floor Stand

unique weighted tablet floor stand best gifts for book lovers

Another great gift for Kindle readers? This weighted floor stand! With an adjustable arm that can hold a tablet or e-reader, it’s the best gift for book lovers who prefer to catch up on their reading while working out, floating in the pool, or relaxing in the bath. Go hands-free, while still reaching your reading goal!

Shop This Floor Stand Gift for Book Lovers

23. Best Gift for Jane Austen Superfans: This “Mr. Darcy” Inspired Fragrance

unique Mr Darcy literature themed fragrance gifts for book lovers

Let’s be honest: we’ve all fantasized about what Mr. Darcy smelled like. Now your favorite book lover can find out with this literature-inspired perfume, aka the best gift for Jane Austen superfans! It’s vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and smells like the perfect book boyfriend.

Not a Jane Austen lover? No prob — this Etsy seller also makes fragrances inspired by other books, characters, and general reading vibes. Adding this “Bookstore” one to our carts ASAP!

Shop These Fragrance Gift Ideas for Readers

24. Best Gift for Readers Who Love to Entertain: These Wood Book Themed Coasters

cute unique literature inspired wood coasters gifts for book lovers

While we don’t recommend resting a hot cup of tea on a real book, we DO recommend resting it on one of these book-themed coasters! Handmade from reclaimed solid wood, these cute coasters are designed to resemble classic book covers.

Choose from 23 different books to create a unique coaster library, and pair them with this book lover’s mug for the perfect unique gift!

Shop These Cute Coaster Gift Ideas for Readers

25. Best Gift for Hands-Free Reading: This Remote Control for Kindles

Kindle reader remote control page turner gifts for book lovers

Reading on your Kindle is about to get so much easier! This remote control allows you to easily flip the page on a Kindle, tablet, or iPhone with the press of a button.

For book lovers who get tired of holding their Kindle, want to go hands-free, or have mobility issues with their hands or fingers, this gift is a life-saver. And since it’s designed for hands-free readers, it’s the perfect gift to pair with the floor stand from #22!

Shop This Remote Control Gift for Kindle Reader Book Lovers

26. Best Romantic Gift Idea for Book Lovers: These Roses Made With Vintage Book Pages

unique vintage page roses gift ideas for book lovers and readers

Sure, you could go classic with a bouquet of flowers. But if you really want to wow a book lover, make your gift more unique with these book-inspired roses! Handmade with pages from vintage books, these flowers are an ultra-romantic gesture for the reader in your life.

Style them with one of the book-themed vases from #18 and you have a swoon-worthy gift that they’ll adore forever!

Shop These Floral Gift Ideas for Readers

personalized song lyric photo print

The romance of it all! If you’re shopping for a pair of love birds (or your other half), then don’t miss these sweet anniversary gift ideas for couples!

27. Best Gift Idea for Special Occasions: These Miniature Book Cufflinks

The Great Gatsby miniature book cufflinks gifts for readers

Make dressing up a little more fun with these literature-inspired cufflinks! This is such a unique gift idea for book lovers who are celebrating a special occasion, like graduating or tying the knot.

Get these cufflinks personalized with any book of your choice — each one is handmade to create an exact replica of the cover. So rad!

Shop These Novel Cover Cufflink Gift Ideas for Readers

28. Best DIY Gift for Book Lovers: This Unique Built-In Book Nook

unique DIY dollhouse bookshelf insert gifts for book lovers

We love gift ideas that also double as fun activities, and this cute nook for book lovers definitely delivers! Escape into the scene of a charming old bookstore as you build this DIY kit piece by piece. Once it’s done, it’ll fit perfectly into your bookshelf, where you can use it as a bookend or reading light!

There are also tons of different versions to choose from, like this fantasy magic one or this modern town design!

Shop This DIY Book Shelf Gift for Readers

29. Best Gift for Book Lovers Who Prefer Experiences Over Things: A Literary Pub Crawl

vintage black and white photo of a famous literary landmark pub in New York City

For book lovers who prefer experiences over things, this is the best gift to fulfill all their literary fantasies! Tripadvisor has tons of book-themed experiences all over the country, like this Greenwich Village literary pub crawl in NYC. Step into the world of famous writers as you drink in their favorite watering holes!

Search for literary experiences in your area for a rad gift they’ll never forget. This is also the perfect date idea!

Shop These Experience Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

30. Best Monthly Subscription Gift for Book Lovers: This Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

unique blue bottle coffee subscription gifts for book lovers

A great book + a great cup of coffee? Just try to name a better combo! With this Blue Bottle Coffee subscription, you’ll always have a great brew on hand to pair with your latest read. Just choose your favorite blend, and they’ll deliver it right to your door!

With options like instant espresso, cold brew, and New Orleans-style dark roast (which are all ethically sourced and roasted in small batches), there’s the perfect cup for every reader.

Shop This Coffee Subscription Gift for Book Lovers

The Best Gifts for Book Lovers Under $100

The Great Gatsby first edition cover art print gifts for book lovers in an off-white picture frame
gift ideas for book lovers under $100: this book cover art print

If you have a little more to spend, these gift ideas for book lovers and avid readers are EVERYTHING. Whether you’re shopping for audio book lovers or readers who love to cook, we’ve found the best gifts for their specific bookworm obsession. And all for under $100!

Keep scrolling for more of our favorite gift ideas for book lovers — including the perfect gift for young readers who are just starting out!

31. Best Gift for Organized Book Lovers: This Unique Wood Book Holder

unique wood page holder organizer tray gifts for book lovers with nature-inspired cutouts

Your favorite reader can create a book nook anywhere in their house thanks to this unique gift! Portable and lightweight, this wooden organizer tray is designed to hold everything you need for a great reading sesh.

Cup holder? Check. Catch-all tray for glasses or snacks? Check. Hidden compartment to charge your phone? Yup, it even has that! We also love that it stores your book and holds your page in that book at the same time. Perfection!

Shop This Book Nook Gift for Readers

32. Best Classic Gift for Book Lovers With a Unique Twist: This Personalized Book Bouquet

unique personalized literature themed bouquet gifts for book lovers

The only thing better than a beautiful bouquet of roses? A beautiful bouquet of books! Book lovers will LOVE this rad twist on one of the most classic gift ideas of all time. In addition to some gorgeous faux flowers, this bouquet includes 1-4 best-selling books, all wrapped in a swoon-worthy design.

Personalize which books to include in the bouquet, or let this seller choose them for you. Just give them an author or genre for inspo, and they’ll do the rest!

Shop These Book Bouquet Gift Ideas for Readers

33. Best Gift for Main Characters: This Gold Novel Locket Necklace

cute gold book shaped locket necklace gifts for readers with an additional flower charm

For a gift that will make you feel like the main character in a novel, we LOVE this gold necklace for book lovers. In addition to the intricate floral design, the book-shaped pendant opens up to reveal a locket, perfect for storing notes, messages, or photos.

Not only is this necklace a gorgeous piece of jewelry, but it’ll also add to your mystique as the heroine of the story!

Shop This Locket Necklace Gift for Book Lovers

34. Best Gift for Fashion-Forward Book Lovers: ThisBbook-inspired Crossbody Purse

black, red, and white Hamlet cover literature inspired amazon crossbody purse gifts for book lovers

This isn’t your average book bag! Designed to look like an actual hardcover book, this cross-body purse is the ultimate way to show off your great taste in literature. It comes in tons of different styles based on the very best classic books, from Wuthering Heights to Little Women.

For book lovers who believe there’s no better fashion statement than a truly great book, this is THE best unique gift idea!

Shop This Cross-body Purse Gift for Book Lovers

brightland olive oil and balsamic vinegar set

If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas for someone who’s hard to shop for, then you’ll love our unique gift guide (including a few ideas for book lovers!).

35. Best Practical (and Stylish) Gift Idea for Book Lovers: These Unique Brass Bookends

unique brass quotation mark bookend gifts for book lovers

Bookends are essential for book lovers, but they can also be pretty underwhelming. For a gift idea they’ll truly love, spice up their bookshelf with these stylish bookends instead!

Shaped like quotation marks, these bookends symbolize the power of a life-changing book quote. Plus, they look super rad! Artisan-made from iron with an antique brass finish, they’re the ultimate finishing touch to any book collection.

Shop These Bookend Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

36. Best Gift for Homebodies: This Cozy Throw Blanket

unique book themed throw blanket gifts for readers with text that says "just one more chapter"

A throw blanket is one of the best fool-proof gift ideas for readers. After all, there’s nothing better than curling up in a cozy blanket as you devour chapter after chapter!

While any throw blanket would make a good gift, this unique design is custom-made for book lovers. It’s woven using 100% cotton yarn for extra softness and features the cutest design on the front. But be warned: with such a cozy style, you definitely won’t stop after just one more chapter!

Shop This Throw Blanket Gift for Book Lovers

37. Best Gift for Their Reading Nook: This Personalized Folding Lamp

unique personalized folding lamp gifts for readers shaped like a book with its pages splayed open

Why settle for a plain lamp when you could cozy up next to this book-themed one?! The coolest addition to your bedside table, this literary lamp can be folded up to look like a wooden book, and then unfolded to reveal the gorgeous glowing pages. It’s the perfect gift for book lovers who consider themselves night readers!

Plus, the cover of this book lamp can be custom engraved with a personal message or design, and you can also rotate it to create different shapes and styles. Mood lighting: activated.

Shop This Folding Book Lamp Gift for Readers

38. Best Gift for Young Readers: This Keepsake Children’s Literature Set

luxury classic childrens literature set gifts for book lovers in a vintage baby blue and gold design

If you’re looking for the best gift ideas for book lovers who are children (or children at heart), then you can stop scrolling now. Because this gift set is the créme de la créme of children’s literature!

This box set comes with 12 beloved children’s books that span from 1942 to the present day, such as Scuffy the Tugboat and The Blue Book of Fairytales. All finished with a glimmering gold binding, they’re the types of books that you’ll pass down for generations!

P.S. More of a Disney lover? Don’t miss this princess book set!

Shop These Children’s Book Gift Ideas for Young Readers

39. Best Gift for Book Lovers to Add to Their Wardrobe: This Book-Inspired Infinity Scarf

unique sage green literature themed infinity scarf gifts for book lovers with white writing all over it

Get wrapped up in your favorite book — literally! This infinity scarf is one of the best gift ideas for book lovers who love to show off their impeccable reading taste. Each scarf is printed with an unforgettable passage from a classic novel, creating a rad literary print.

Choose from multiple different titles, and pair it with one of the other book-themed gifts from this Etsy shop, like these matching tote bags for readers on the go!

Shop This Infinity Scarf Gift for Book Lovers

40. Best Gift for Readers Who Love to Scroll: This Vintage Inspired Phone Case

unique brown leather vintage literature inspired phone case gift ideas for book lovers and readers

While scrolling time may now outweigh reading time for most of us, this magnetic phone case channels the vintage vibes of an era before tech! Made with premium brown leather, it’s designed to look like an old classic book — it even opens up to reveal pockets for your credit cards and ID.

For book lovers who wish they were born in a bygone era, this is the perfect time-traveling gift!

Shop This Phone Case Gift for Book Lovers

41. Best Gift for Book Lovers Who Wear Reading Glasses: This Luxury Glasses Stand

pair of reading glases propped onto a unique luxury gold glasses stand gifts for book lovers

For book lovers who wear reading glasses, this is the best gift to add to their reading nook! Cast in either brass or stainless steel, this eyewear stand will add an elegant touch to their set-up — without taking up too much space.

Now instead of scrambling to find their glasses, they’ll be right there waiting for them whenever the reading bug strikes!

Shop This Glasses Stand Gift for Book Lovers

42. Best Gift for Punny Book Lovers: These Book Shaped Cutting Boards

stack of funny literature inspired wood cutting board gifts for book lovers with novel titles engraved on the spines

Bring your love of books into the kitchen with these literature-themed cutting boards! They’re designed to look like oversized versions of hardback books, down to the oh-so-punny titles on the spine. (A Time To Grill? Amazing. Our second favorite: Lord of the Fries.)

P.S. You can also get this gift personalized with any title you’d like, perfect for book lovers who want to come up with their own cooking-related pun!

Shop These Cutting Board Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

43. Best Gift for Cook Book Lovers: This Luxury Marble Stand

luxury marble cookbook stand gifts for book lovers with an acrylic splash shield

And speaking of book lovers who also love to cook, this stand is the perfect gift for cookbook enthusiasts! It’s made with a marble + stainless steel base for an ultra-luxurious touch, plus an acrylic shield to protect your pages.

Pair it with an equally luxe cookbook for the ultimate drool-worthy gift!

Shop This Marble Stand Gift for Book Lovers

44. Best Unique Gift Idea for Book Lovers: This Book Themed Shower Curtain

unique shower curtain with The Great Gatsby text design gift ideas for book lovers and readers

Fun fact: the design on this literary shower curtain is made completely out of words. And not just any words — the great words of The Great Gatsby!

Litographs has some of the all-time best gift ideas for book lovers, and this shower curtain is proof. Personalize it with different colors and styles (we also love this romantic Gatsby + Daisy design!), or choose from one of the brand’s other 200 book options.

Each design can also be made as a t-shirt, blanket, pillow, puzzle, and more. The options are endless!

Shop These Unique Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

45. Best Gift for Readers Who Love Tea: These Funny Literary Tea Blends

unique literature inspired tea blends gifts for book lovers with punny novel themed names

Tea-loving readers will appreciate the punny titles of this tasty tea gift set. Each tin is inspired by a classic book, with a punny title and unique artwork that pays homage to the story (and the tea leaves inside). Think: Pride and Peppermint, Sense and Senchability, War and Peach, and Don QuixoTea!

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The Best Gifts for Book Lovers Under $150

woman in a cozy fluffy white sweatshirt wearing cute luxury blue light reading glasses gifts for book lovers
gift ideas for book lovers under $150: these blue light reading glasses

These are the best gift ideas for diehard readers and loyal book lovers! Take their obsession to the next level with these book nook must-haves, including chic decor and a rad monthly subscription.

So much better than just another book for their shelves, these are the gifts that will make any literature lover swoon!

46. Best Gift for Book Lovers Who Read in the Bath: This Rustic Wood Bath Tray

luxury rustic oak wood bath tray gifts for book lovers in a live edge style with a stand to hold up a novel and a cupholder to hold a glass of wine

Book lovers who read in the bath no longer have to worry about wet pages thanks to this luxury gift! The ultimate bathtub accessory, this rustic oak tray can be customized to feature a built-in book holder (and cup holder!) for the perfect bathtime reading sesh.

All that’s missing is a luxurious bath bomb to complete the self-care vibes!

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47. Best Gift for Coffee Table Book Lovers: This Elegant Wood Book Stand

luxury wood open book display stand gifts for readers painted black

Show off your favorite books in style with this elegant wood book stand! It’s designed to hold your book open to a specific page, perfect for displaying a chic coffee table book or photo album.

With such a statement style, it’s the best gift for book lovers who are tired of their curated book collection going unnoticed. The design also makes it easy to flip from page to page — kind of like an ever-changing centerpiece!

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48. Best Gift for Book Lovers Who Are Also Writers: A Masterclass Subscription

annual masterclass subscription gifts for book lovers with photos of pros and text that reads "Learn From the World's Best"

For book lovers who would love to write their own Great American Novel someday, this gift is THE BEST! With a Masterclass subscription, they’ll get access to in-depth writing courses from their favorite authors, including Judy Blume, Dan Brown, Joyce Carol Oates, and more!

Writing tips from the world’s most famous published writers? Now that’s priceless.

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49. Best Gift for Audio Book Lovers: These Bluetooth Beats Headphones

white wireless beats bluetooth headphones from amazon gifts for book lovers

This one’s for bibliophiles who prefer to listen to their favorite books! Upgrade their old headphones with this Bluetooth Beats pair, which feature cushioned ear cups, 40 hours of battery life, and a sleek design that goes with every outfit.

It’s the best gift for book lovers who always have their head in a new Audible title!

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The Best Luxury Gifts for Book Lovers

unique luxury decorative book bundles gifts for readers with novels all in neutral and off-white colors
luxury gift ideas for book lovers: these decorative book bundles

If you really want to treat a book lover or avid reader, then these are the best gift ideas for the job. The pinnacle of luxury, they’ll make any bibliophile feel like they’re stepping into their favorite literary world. (And with the last gift on the list, they really will be!)

Scroll on for the best luxury gift ideas for book lovers and avid readers — guaranteed to earn you the best gift-giver award!

50. Best Gift for Readers Who Constantly Travel: This Leather Carrier Bag

luxury leather literature carrier bag gifts for book lovers with a handle and a crossbody strap

For book lovers who are always on the go, this unique gift will make reading along the way SO much easier. No need to dig through their bag to find their book — with this leather carrier, all they have to do is unbuckle the bottom and start where they left off!

Complete with sleek shoulder + hand straps and a front pocket for essentials (like a phone, wallet, and keys), this is guaranteed to become their new everyday bag. Never worry about forgetting a book at home again!

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51. Best Investment Gift for Book Lovers: This Luxury Cashmere Blend Blanket

luxury lambswool and cashmere grey throw blanket gifts for book lovers with white tassels

Good luck pulling them away from their reading spot once this Brooklinen throw blanket is involved. Made with a luxury cashmere and lambswool blend, it may just be the coziest gift for book lovers on this list. And that’s saying something!

Choose from five different luxurious colors, and prepare to fall in love!

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52. Best Gift for Readers Who Love to Stay at Home: This Cozy Reading Chair

cozy luxury midnight blue velvet cushioned sitting chair gifts for book lovers

On the other end of the spectrum, this is the best gift for book lovers who would rather be curled up at home than anywhere else. Give them the book nook of their dreams with this cozy reading chair, featuring a timeless design that’s MADE for cozying up with a great book.

This armchair comes in both classic beige and bold blue and has foam cushioning for maximum comfort. You’ll definitely earn the best gift-giver award with this one!

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53. Best Personalized + Luxury Gift for Book Lovers: A Custom Video Message from Cameo

cameo personalized video messages from famous writers gift ideas for book lovers and readers

You may not be able to give them their favorite author as a gift, but this is the next best thing! Book lovers will LOVE getting a personalized gift from Cameo, which features custom video messages from hundreds of different celebrities.

Just search for their favorite writer, tell them what to say, and let the professional wordsmith do the rest. A pep talk from Cheryl Strayed? The dream!

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54. Best Luxury Gift for Diehard Readers: A First Edition Copy of Their Favorite Novel

luxury first edition Lord of the Rings book gifts for readers

Okay, okay, so we said that the best gifts for book lovers aren’t actual books. But this is the one exception! For a gift they’ll treasure forever, it doesn’t get better than a first-edition copy of their favorite novel. A truly luxurious heirloom, these are the ultimate gifts for diehard readers.

While they may take some tracking down, there are several online sites that carry first-edition books, including Etsy. And when in doubt, don’t be afraid to hit up your local used or antique book store!

Shop This First Edition Copy of The Lord of the Rings

55. Best Gift Idea for Jet-Setting Book Lovers: A Trip to a Famous Literary Destination

woman reading a book in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

We had to save the best for last. If you’re looking for the most wow-worthy gift ideas for book lovers, it doesn’t get better than a vacation to a famous literary destination!

This could be a city where famous authors wrote their best-sellers (like Paris, where Ernest Hemingway was a regular) or real-life destinations from classic books (like NYC, where The Great Gatsby took place). And don’t forget to book a rad literary tour while you’re there!

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Need Gifts for Everyone On Your List? We’ve Got You Covered.

personalized hand embroidered flower corner bookmark gifts for book lovers with a monogram on each
gifts for book lovers: these flower-embroidered bookmarks

Now that you’ve found the best gift ideas for the bookworms and avid readers on your list, it’s time to check off everyone else! And we have the perfect guides for the job.

For the ultimate guide to the delightful and unexpected, we’ve rounded up the most unique Christmas gifts. Talk about keepsakes!

If you’re currently shopping during the holiday season, we also rounded up the best Christmas gift ideas for couples. And also check out these white elephant gifts for the best crowd-pleasing ideas!

Finally, for the people who already have everything, we created this unique gift guide to help you come up with one-of-a-kind ideas. You can thank us later!

Which of these gift ideas for book lovers was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!