9 Unique Camping Spots in the West

This feature via Sunset, our partner for all things travel + outdoor living in the Western US.

Looking for a unique weekend getaway in the woods and a place to refresh + connect with nature? This list is packed full of cool spots to get you feeling grounded + immersed in the outdoors! Let’s get planning…

Mt. Rainier Tipi Farm (photo above)

This working ranch has it all – views of Mt. Rainier, tipis to sleep in, and an amazing array of animals, from alpacas to pygmy goats, that love hanging with visitors.

image courtesy of Hipcamp / Erinn J. Hale

Kindred Spirits Cabin

Embrace the great outdoors at this cabin with a wall of glass windows affording views of the woods in the daytime and night skies in the evening. Plus, there are chickens on the property for fresh eggs in the morning.

image courtesy of Hipcamp / Ann Nguyen

Bohemian Hideaway Box

It really is a hideaway box – a refrigerated produce truck box, that is, transformed into a tiny campsite outside of Phoenix that offers off-the-grid A/C.

image courtesy Hipcamp / Jane Cavagnero

Cowboy Bunkhouse Camp

Embrace the roots of the West with a touch of glamping while staying at this Old West-style bunk camp on a mini horse ranch.

image courtesy of Hipcamp / Andrea Watson

Apple Hollow Tiny House

The perfect way to end a day at Zion National Park is to head in for the night at this tiny house located a half-hour outside the park. Bonus: It sits on 14 acres of apple orchards that you’re welcome to pick from.

image courtesy of Hipcamp / Autumn Kinsey

Llama Refuge

Pitch your tent on acreage with free roaming llamas, cedar and oak trees!

image courtesy of Hipcamp / Rachel Veale 

Gould Getaway

Cozy up in this sweet vintage trailer with easy access to Colorado’s Forest State Park.

image courtesy of Hipcamp / Maegen Lake

Grandma Dana’s Camper

We wish our grandma’s place was like this. You’ll camp in a tent trailer, situated on property that includes a greenhouse, a library inside of a school bus, and a trampoline.

image courtesy of Hipcamp / Maddy Minnis

Fairytale Treehouse

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the pages of The Hobbit inside this treehouse, complete with a skylight inside and plenty of hammocks underneath the house.

image courtesy of Hipcamp / Caroline McGrady