10 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2018

10 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2018 for Green Wedding Shoes

We hope you guys are enjoying these year-end countdown posts as much as we are! It’s so fun to see what our readers are really drawn to, as well as shout out the weddings + artists that/who truly stood out in 2018. Instagram is always a bit of a mystery, what with its changing algorithms and such, but we are super proud to have the MOST engaging community! You guys aren’t afraid to tell us what you love (and sometimes what you don’t–ha!) so we thought it’d be fun to add a new annual countdown for 2018. Instagram is where those details + intimate moments really shine, so the difference between top Instagram posts and say, top weddings on the site, can be quite different.

We put together this list by finding the posts with the highest engagement rate. If you want to know the nitty-gritty, that means the number of likes + the number of comments divided by our total number of followers. And if you’d rather we just skip all that and get on with the countdown, well…here you go :)

On to the top 10 Instagram posts of 2018!

10. Where Our Black Wedding Cake Obsession Began

black floral wedding cake
photography: The Silhouette Studio // event design: Thistle Wynd Productions // cake: Cakes by Gina

Kicking off with number 10, this black wedding cake with sugar flowers and gold foil has been going strong since back in January! This sweet beauty set off an obsession and even inspired an entire roundup post of chic black wedding cakes later in the year.

Accompanying Editorial: Texas Goes Boho with Rich Hues for this Inspired Wedding

9. An Edgy Black Wedding Dress in the Desert

Black Wedding Dress
photography: the hearnes // wedding dress: reformation // florals: tellurian

What better to follow a black wedding cake than a black wedding dress?! Another favorite trend of 2018, we saw several black wedding dresses that totally made us re-think the traditional white. And it seems like you guys agree!

Accompanying Editorial: Paint It Black… Our Favorite Black Wedding Dresses!

8. The Cutest Bridal Shower Surprise

Dalmatian puppies at a bridal shower
photography: Shawn Marie Photo // event design: Daystar Television Network

If the bridal shower doesn’t have puppies, we don’t want it. Okay, not totally—but these Dalmatian puppies wearing floral collars are WAY cute! And what the bride wants…the bride gets!

Accompanying Editorial: A Black + White Vogue-Inspired Bridal ‘Lingerie’ Shower… with Dalmatian Puppies!

7. A Bride in a Blue Dress Beneath a Crescent Moon

bride in a blue dress and pampas grass crescent moon
photography: Anna Roussos // event design + florals: The12Events

In which the decor material of the moment—pampas grass—meets the decor style of the moment—celestial—for the perfect ceremony backdrop! Let’s also consider that utterly amazing dress and it’s a recipe that’ll stop your scrolling in its tracks.

Accompanying Editorial: Secret Garden Wedding Inspiration With a Flower-Studded Dusty Blue Dress

6. The Moore Pink the Better!

Mandy Moore's Pink Wedding Dress
photography: Kelly Brown Photographer // event design: Sara Simmonds Design + Events // florals: Of the Flowers

Mandy Moore’s pink pampas grass ceremony shot straight into the top 10 and HELLO—we are not even surprised!! We’re still not over this absolutely beautiful day and just want to soak up every little detail. Seriously, a pink polka dot wedding dress with a pink veil to match? Bride. Goals.

5. A Rainbow of Love

rainbow smoke bombs
photography: D.Lillian Photography // event design: Ashley Smith Events

In what has to be the most creative way we’ve seen smoke bombs used ever, this photo was an immediate Insta-fave! And the smokin’ grooms in matching suits is pretty bomb, as well ;)

Accompanying Editorial: Tropical Garden Wedding with Vibrant Floral Details

4. A Fairytale Ceremony in the Woods

fairytale wedding in the woods
photography: Kaley from Kansas // event design: Juniper & Lace Events

A private road, glittering candelabras, flower petals, a forest of trees…we get it. Complete and utter magic. Enchanting like a fairytale and most definitely where we’d rather be!

Accompanying Editorial: These Two Got Married on a Private Tree-Lined Road in the Middle of the Forest!

3. The Bride and the Bridge

Bridge wedding
photography: Taylor Bartram Photography // planning: Forever Enchanted Events

Speaking of totally magical aisles, this wedding ceremony at Cathedral Park in Portland is jaw-dropping in its own right! Plus, that anticipation of meeting the groom at the alter, all your friends and family smiling your way, and a view that go on and on…okay, hold on while we go like this photo all over again!!

Accompanying Editorial: These Two Said Their Vows Under One of Portland’s Most Famous Bridges!

2. The Dreamiest Dining Situation

magical forest reception dinner
photo + event design: Wonderstruck Event Design

First thought: A winding dinner table that seems to go on forever smack in the middle of a forest—is this even real?! Second thought: How can we get an invitation?! And for those who have been asking – you can see more from this entire wedding on GWS here!!

Which brings us to #1…

1. A Wintry Wedding with Alpacas in the Austrian Alps

alpacas in the Austrian Alps wedding
photography: Farbklang Photography // florals: Vessa Floristik

Sooooo dreamy! The couple is super cute…and the bride + groom aren’t that bad, either ;) We’re loving the winter vibes and gorgeous details in this photo—and so did about 30k of you!

Accompanying Editorial:  Winter White Wedding in the Mountains with a Twist… Alpacas!


You like us…you really like us! Thanks to you for being such a fun, kind, and uplifting community—we really like you back! xoxo