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location: Charleston, SC

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willing to travel: Yes

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Hi there, I am Ricki Ford! I’m a photographer, husband, father, and devoted Christian, in love with Jesus. I’m also a fun loving surfer, skater, and if it was up to me, it’d be summer year round! I could drink Mountain Dew like it was water (but I can’t if I want to continue to see my shoes) I LOVE to joke around, maybe a little to much at times, but it’s all in fun and promise there’s never a dull moment when you’re around me! “A picture is worth a thousand words but, the memories they create are priceless.” Choosing your wedding photographer can be one of the most important decisions. Pictures of your wedding day are the things that you can take with you and keep for years to come, so you should pick someone that’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for. We ensure that you’ll get RAD, AWESOME, VINTAGE, CLASSIC, FUN images EVERYTIME.

what inspires you?
Playing out side of the box is always more fun!

what do you love about weddings?
every smile, every kiss, every detail.. I love everything about a wedding.

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