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location: Richmond, VA United States

willing to travel: Yes

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describe your artistic style:

Thoughtful yet minimalist. My creative eye wanders toward different details in each wedding that I photograph because of the personalities and details present. Whether a quiet elopement, an intimate gathering, or a jubilant shindig, I strive to make every photograph a visual ode to the good stuff life is made. And a nod to you.

what inspires you?

My first curiosities began when my father took me to a photography class at the Nikon school as a child. Photography wove in and out of my life until I found my camera always in tote and my eye constantly framing and inventing focal points in my surroundings. To me, inspiration is born in expressions, conversation, community, solitary walks and good meals shared with others, and then preserved in a photograph.

what do you love about weddings?

I love that weddings are the birthplace of stories that are propagated and held as keepsakes by friends and family for years to come. Weddings are cheerful, happy celebrations that give rise to the rare coming-together of people who have brought meaning to two individuals' lives.

what's your travel policy?

Whether Charlottesville, Washington DC, or Roanoke, I am more than happy to road trip to photograph your wedding! Gas reimbursement is requested for weddings within 4-hours driving from Richmond, but all other travel fees will be covered by me. Special discounts apply to weddings in Raleigh/Durham, Nashville, New York, and Boston.

Wedding outside the US? I have a passport and wanderlust, which means if you pay my way and stay, I will waive my wedding fee!

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