The CREAM event + Ticket Giveaway!

If you are planning a wedding right now I’m sure you’ve heard about The CREAM Event. Curated by our friends Bash, Please, it’s one of our favorite wedding events and we are proud to have been a part of it the past two times it was in LA. This year we unfortunately won’t be a part of it (my due date was a week after the event although our sweet daughter came a few weeks early!), but it promises to be the best one yet at the largest venue yet (the gorgeous Vibiana, in Los Angeles). We are bummed to be missing it as they have snagged a pretty rad crop of vendors for this one!


This is the mood board for the event. Pretty rad, right? Love the emerald green, navy blue + gold and can’t wait to see what all the vendors create! Oh, and they are giving away a 3 night stay at Esperanza Resort in Cabo to the winner of the dance contest! Super rad and a perfect reason to get on the dance floor there! Did I mention The Flashdance will be the DJ for the night!?

Curious to see what a past CREAM event looked like? Here is our recap from the event last year.

Tickets for the event sold out as of yesterday, but guess what – we have a pair of tickets to give away! Leave a comment about why you’d like to attend and I’ll pick a random winner on Thurday March 7th at 2pm PST.

**The giveaway is now over and congrats to Michelle who was our random winner!**

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  1. I would love to The Cream Event! I am currently plnning my wedding in San Diego but my mom lives in LA so we haven’t been able to do a lot of the planning together. Going to this even together in LA would be perfect for us to get on the same page and to help my mom feel more a part of my big day!

  2. I’m planning for my fall wedding and the palate is exactly what I’m thinking. I’d love to go for inspiration and see how I can work in emerald colors and wood pieces into my wedding.

  3. Who are we kidding?! I want to go to The Cream and get my party on!!

  4. Hi! My best friend is getting married, and she has an extremely busy schedule so I wanted to surprise her with a ticket to the Cream Event!! It would be such a HUGE treat for her to attend!! She is a fan! It wasn’t a surprise when I was about to purchase one online that it was sold out! So I’m trying to get my hands one!!:)

  5. My fiance and I are having a heck of time finding the right venue that screams “us”! I’ve actually been wanting to tour Vibiana and it would be amazing to see it actually set up!… Especially with all those rad vendors!

  6. i’d love to attend the cream to be inspired by all the amazing designs and creations. i’d also like to get my party on ;)

  7. I would love to attend to enjoy Gods beauty in the marriage wedding scene :)

  8. I would love to win tickets because since we moved to California I have been planning our wedding by myself, and it can get kind of lonely with our families and friends do far away. This would be a fun event to just have let loose and fun with the planning, and of corse get my dance on and win that trip!

  9. I would love to attend because I hear its the best in the business! All of the vendors are on my wedding dream list!

  10. My bridesmaid is flying in for the weekend to have a bachelorette weekend with me and this would be the icing on the cake! We’d LOVE to go!!!

  11. oOo! I’d love to attend this years cream event! i went to the cream (formerly known as “hitched”) in palm springs & the cream in austin — both, which i loved!!! to attend the cream in LA would be the icing to the cake. all of my favorite, eye candy wedding vendors in one room? what more could i ask for????

  12. Oh my! I live in California, I’m engaged, and I’m obsessed with Bash Please…need I say more?! Yay!

  13. Oh please, please, please pick me!!! I’m dying to go to this event! I’m getting married in Palm Springs this September and need of the wedding inspiration/vendor info I can get. I still have so much more to do and attending this event will be so helpful (and fun!!). Keeping my fingers crossed!

  14. I heard there’s going to be a crazy dance party and I’m going to need all the practice I can get in time for my wedding in October. Please pick me!!! I want to get CREAMED!

  15. Congratulations on the new baby <3
    Would Love Love Love to go to The Cream!!!

  16. Would love to go to The Cream! Severval of the vendors I would like to use will be there. I haven’t had a very good experience with Bridal shows but I hear this one would change my mind!

  17. I would DIE if i won the tickets. All of the BEST will be there. I’m so sad i missed my chance to buy my ticket (procrastinator, my downfall) i hope to win and see all the beauty from this sweet event!. Oh Please Oh please

  18. It looks like a fun party and I will probably get inspired.

  19. I would love to go because I’m so inspired by what The Cream does. Everything is so beautiful! :)

  20. Event is fab. I procrastinated. Sold out. I regret it. Please!!!!!

  21. Gabriella Sanchez on:

    it’s an awesome event & a great networking opportunity!

  22. I need help! Please understand, I’m a bride who is struggling to do all this planning, whilst doing a full time job. I’m the girl who never imagined what her wedding would be, and now that I’m planning it, I wish I knew what to do! The Cream even, I hope!, will inspire and help me focus on what I need to do!

    Please help this sorry bride-to-be!


  23. I NEED TO GO! I thought I could buy tickets at the door. All my girlfriends are going. I’m going to be stuck at home with my cat. PLEEEEEEASE!!!!! I’m planning 5 weddings and I need to be inspired!

  24. My fiancé and I attended one bridal fair (which shall not be named) that was SO terrible. They actually held a contest: first person to show the hole in their sock won a prize) oh dear… I’d love to redeem that day… Replace it with something lovely like this event… We marry in September. I’m still searching (now desperately) for inspiration.

  25. The Cream looks like the perfect event to get inspired and rejuvenate my excitement for the big day!

  26. such a cool event, highly recommended ;)

  27. I want to attend The Cream event to be INSPIRED!!! And to catch a glimpse of the lovely Bash Please girls!

  28. I would LOVE to win tickets- to be inspired and hang out with some of my closest friends!!

  29. I would love to attend this event! What an incredible opportunity for inspiration, networking, creative exploration… I’m planning my wedding for this October, and this is an absolute paradise of ideas! Additionally, I’m one of the first of my friends to get married. So with the knowledge and ideas I’d take away from this event, I’d be a killer resource for my friends’ future weddings!

  30. I need all the inspiration I can get! Please pick me!

  31. I’m planning my wedding for October 13 2013 and the color scheme and vibe above are super similar to what me and my fiance are envisioning for our outdoor log cabin wedding! We would absolutely LOVE to attend. Pick us! :)

  32. I heard about the Cream Event last year and was bummed I missed it. I would LOVE to go and be able to meet all the awesome vendors and see their work. I know it will be a day of inspiration and I want to experience it!

  33. Rose are Red
    Violets are Blue
    This Bride is a mess with no clue what to do!

    Please send her to Cream
    where she’ll be inspired aplenty
    so that one day she’ll have a Dream of a wedding!

  34. I’m flying down to LA from Northern California this weekend to attend (I thought!) the Cream event…they had said tickets were available at the door so I didn’t pre-purchase…now I guess you’re my only hope! Pick me!!!

  35. The best part about wedding planning is the inspiration and this is the event to be inspired at.

  36. I am devastated that the Cream LA is sold out this year! This is what I get for procrastinating. One of my best friends would love to get inspired at this event in order to inspire others on her blog :). Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  37. My friend is getting married in October and I’m in charge of the reception! Looking forward to dancing the night away with the flash dance!

  38. I NEED THIS!! :)

  39. I am really sad I missed out on buying tickets. I’m planning my dream wedding and have been with my fiancé for 11 years. The colors that are featuring this year are what we’re going to go with. If I was chosen it would make my year! Please, please pick me!

  40. Would love to attend the CREAM event, I need lots of help planning my wedding next March. I have no idea where to start and this would be a great way to launch my planning!

  41. After getting laid off from my job in NYC after Huricane Sandy, I found a job in LA and moved out here a month ago. My fiancé proposed to me just a week ago but he’s still on the East coast until July. I miss him and my family so much but I’m so excited to be having our wedding in LA next year. Ever since discovering green wedding shoes 3 years ago I’ve dreamt of getting married to my fiancé in LA. Going to the Cream wedding event would be the icing on the cake :)

  42. Ahhh!! The cream event, what can i say? The out-of-this-world party for the brides-to be and the girls like me that just LOVE weddings! I’m not engaged but would love to show my boyfriend what the cream event is all about since I couldn’t stop talking about last years and spending all my time online looking at photos and videos! I am just obsessed with anything weddings and attending this sold out event would make my ring-less left hand a lil happier whilst dancing to the flashdance!

  43. Pick me, please! I’m so in love with being in love and these vendors are truly The Cream of the crop when it comes to romance and betrothal!

  44. The Vibiana is one of my favorite L.A. venues! I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to go to The Cream Event because my fiance and I are planning an L.A. area wedding and our crazy schedules have left us waaaaay behind in the planning process. I’d love to check out what Bash, Please has put together and meet all of the vendors…and hopefully find & book the ones we need!!
    (((((((((((((fingers and toes crossed for tickets!!))))))))))

  45. So truly bummed to have missed the opportunity to purchase tickets! I would love to go to see the beauty of what these talented vendors will be showcasing and to gain the inspiration I know I will surely get and then some! Please pick me :)

  46. I am flying out to LA from NYC just to go to the CREAM event! My wedding is in Los Angeles SO I was VERY excited to attend this event with my maid of honor. Unfortunately now that tickets are sold out it doesnt look like this will be happening!

    I would be SO estactic and so would my maid of honor for us to be able to go to this event during my visit to LA. We have been looking forward to this for quite some time! I know that this event will be the perfect place for me to hire some AMAZING vendors for my wedding, and have an incredibly good time!!

    Thanks so much!

  47. Pretty big fan of all things bash! Throwing them, attending them, and admiring their awesome work! Two years in a row Ive struck out with getting Cream Event tickets! Im hoping 2013 will be luckier :)

  48. we would LOVE to attend the cream because the vendor selection is amazing, it’s full of inspiration and creativity, and it looks like so much fun! please pick us so we can have an incredible time planning our dream wedding together!!


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