A Hip Rustic Wedding: Lex + Loren

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We are starting the week off with Lex + Loren’s sweet wedding sent over from photographer Ben Christensen. Lex + Loren met at one of Loren’s shows in 2006. I love this story Lex shared with me, “We fell in love on the phone while we both traveled and grew up. I remember giving him a quote after that first week of knowing him, and never could i have imagined that it would be the definition of our relationship: “I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped.” -Frederick Perls. We found each other and it is nothing less than beautiful.

backyard wedding groom

outdoor wedding

Our courtship was long, but our engagement was that of 2 months because we wanted to be married on December 10, 2010 (4 years to the date that we met). I wasn’t a girl who had the dream wedding planned out as a child, it all just came together through our engagement journey. My mom told me from my first day of planning that if it is all meant to be then everything will just fall into place and it did just that. The day we got engaged, I was introduced to a blank slate of a backyard by his mom. I was inspired. I took a piece of paper and drew out exactly where the dance floor would be, all of the lighting, picnic blankets, photobooth, food booths. It was as if the house and yard were built just for our wedding. To my surprise, planning a wedding is actually kind of fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better fiance through all of this. Most guys are not involved much if at all…but instead, he was my wingman. All of the decisions, decorations, construction we did together

outdoor wedding ceremony

bride and groom with vintage car

hip groomsmen

wedding party

Loren + I chose to revolve the wedding around our passions, the first being music. We had our invitations designed to look like a concert tour poster, mix cds printed for our guest favors, and a real record player used as our cake stand. Music is what brought us together and love is what has kept us together. Our decorations were devised from all of our adventures we go on. We love exploring in nature, so we used twigs, logs, and antlers. We were shooting for a classy rustic vibe. We are both children at heart so we did not want a stuffy wedding, we wanted a party. Cotton candy, caramel apples, nachos and dance jams all night long. It was a fairyland of awesomeness that ended with Loren and I high-fiving each other as we drove away. Our parents called us 45 minutes after we had left our wedding and said that all our guests were still there dancing and enjoying our party… we couldn’t have been happier.

antlers at wedding

antlers as wedding decoration

record player cake table

tent at wedding reception

antlers for photo booth wedding

The most memorable part of the night was simply being a part of something so great. To see the sketch paper of the wedding planning come to life. Everything was perfection and it was neat to see everyone enjoying themselves. We really struggled with how we were going to depart from the wedding, because bubbles and rice and flower petals are not really our thing. We had the DJ set up psychedelic lights along a path exiting the backyard and we had everyone line up on two sides as we had a huge dance party exit. Everyone danced with us! It was neat to look around and see grandma and parents and friends all getting crazy to We Speak No Americano. We both know it is a ridiculous song, but like i said… we are anything but ordinary.

black and white wedding photography

The best advice anyone could have given us came from my mom, she said “no one is going to remember the decorations or the food they ate… the only thing they will remember is your happiness and the smiles on the two of your faces.” Loren and I would remind one another of that often when times would get stressful. It’s easy to get stressed, any bride to be knows that… but just try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible because in the scheme of things it’s a mere blink of an eye. And keep in mind that ANYTHING is possible. I fell in love with a size 14 wedding dress and it was altered down to less than an zero in two weeks!

Venue: backyard of a family friend
Photography: Ben Christensen
Wedding Dress: Chic Boutique (Eden Bridal Collection)
Hair: Hillary Darner
Shoes: Kimchi Blue
Bridesmaid Dresses: Urban Outfitters, H&M, Gap
Hairpieces: Anthropologie
Groom Suit: H&M
Floral Design: AJ’s
Invitations: Aaron Shoemaker
Cake: Celeste Gillespie
Music: Justin Nichols
Catering: Joyce & Hannah Brinton

And check out their adorable video they (Loren Brinton Films) made to announce their engagement – super cute you guys!

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  1. AWWWW!!! Look at those punams! This is just a great little chunk of que sera and destiny mixing to make magic. Best wishes and what a lovely winter wedding. Looks so cozy and fun.

  2. such a cool, unique rustic take on a wedding! love the couples styles and the images were captured beautifully!

  3. Love the short engagement inspiration.. wedding planning doesnt have to take a year!

  4. love all of the details in this wedding and talk about fabulous black and white photos towards the end of the post. Fabulous job! Congratulations!

  5. love the record player as a cake stand!

  6. I love the entire scheme, right down to their super cute shoes!

  7. Wow, this is definitely a one-of-a-kind wedding. I love it! Congrats Lex and Loren, I don’t know you, but your wedding looks very you!

  8. The wedding party looks so good! Love the goofy antler pictures..looks like the wedding was a great time!

  9. The photographer captured everything so perfectly and couldn’t have done a better job!! I think I have found my new favorite wedding photographer, thank you greenweddingshoes and hopefully I can book him for my big day!! The wedding is so cute and all the details mix so well together. Congrats Lex and Loren

  10. so creative! i love it. i love the cake being on the record player, the antlers, the movie tent- all so wonderful! :)

  11. I absolutely adore the pic with the rings.. fantastic!

  12. I LOVE this wedding dress, but can’t seem to find it online….any help anyone?

  13. Ana Ivanov(Elegance Alterations) on:

    Beautiful,unique wedding,I love your style a lot…You both look amazing!

  14. That has to be the cutest video ever! Congrats to them!

  15. I love everything about this wedding. beautiful, fun detailed! gorgeous.

  16. Doesn’t help that they – and everyone they know – are GORGEOUS!

  17. I love weddings so I always check out this green wedding shoes site. I always always enjoy the photos. But there was something about this wedding that made it just seem like we were all missing something by not attending. I love the playfulness. Their engagement video was the absolute sweetest!Congrats Lex & Loren!

  18. Love everything about this! What a cute couple. What a fun
    wedding. Sending to everyone I know!

  19. I’m not one to comment, but everything about this couple
    and their wedding is fantastic! Sharing with everyone I

  20. What a beautiful wedding and an adorable couple! I saw their video posted elsewhere and came to check out the whole event and was smitten. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Whoa such a beautiful wedding! I’m fascinated by the long white lights hanging from the trees over their heads. It sort of looks like icicle lights wrapped around tube lights. Is that what it is? I’m having a rustic fairyland wedding and that might be just the touch I need! Please help!

  22. Love the wedding dress, anyone know where its from?

  23. Ohmygoodness! Their engagement video made my heart melt! :] SO ADORABLE!

  24. where did you get your wedding dress? It’s gorgeous!!

  25. I love how unconventional these shots are, completely different from anything I’ve seen before. You did a really great job and the wedding looked fantastic!

  26. Love it – ring picture especially!

  27. I love the vibe and the theme! I’m trying to do the vertical hanging twinkle lights from trees for my reception but I can’t figure it out. May I ask how it was done?!?!

  28. Such a cute wedding and I love the video :) makes me long for summer!


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