Real Wedding: Golriz + Devon’s Super Creative Wedding

I absolutely love when readers share their uniquely creative weddings with me – and this might be one of the most creative I’ve seen. It just goes to show you that you can have an amazing wedding – all about the two of you – even if you are on a budget. A bit about their day from Golriz, Devon and I wanted every ounce of our wedding to burst with creativity, but we had a very tight budget. This was actually a blessing as it forced us to be really creative and think outside the box. It also meant we had fun adventures to pursue together like hunting for the ‘perfect’ couch on Craigslist!

wedding with streamers from ceiling

streamers hanging wedding

nashville wedding with tvs creative

One of my favorite parts of the process was building an art installation for our event space. Devon had always dreamed of creating an art installation with vintage televisions, umbrellas and bare light bulbs…so this was his chance! We hunted high and low for TVs that had big knobs and dials – the sales staff at the thrift stores must have thought we were mad! Devon figured out a way to connect all the bulbs to one switch and even installed a dimmer (yes, I’ve obviously married MacGyver). We stacked 10 vintage TVs and streamed a slideshow of pictures of ourselves with music. Hanging above the TVs were approximately 20 white umbrellas and bare globe bulbs. The guests loved taking their photos next to this installation.

blue wedding shoes balloon

wedding candy bar

wedding exit scooter

And this video by Full Frame Cinema – I know I’ve said it before, but after watching this – and I know, it’s a bit long, but if you are thinking you don’t need a video of your wedding day, this will change your mind. I love that you can see how happy and full of love Golriz + Devon are. It’s so fun to watch your wedding day on your anniversary each year – ok, we’ve only had one anniversary so far, but that is our plan :)

Thanks so much Golriz + Devon for sharing your amazing day with us. Hopefully this will inspire you guys a bit to really make the day about the two of you and that it’s ok to think outside the box. If you want to see more photos from their day, be sure to check out their website. :)

Photography: Ryan Lash
Videography: Full Frame Cinema
Event Space: Marathon Village, Nashville TN
Wedding Dress: Handmade by the bride’s mother
Shoes: Office
Groom’s suite: Costume National
DJ: Joel Price
Cupcakes: Effie Sahihi

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  1. This is one of the coolest weddings I have ever seen :)

  2. The art installation is incredible – what a conversation piece!
    My fiance had suggested doing something similar with vintage TVs and I dismissed him; perhaps I’ll have to re-entertain the idea…


    All this is Grace and Charm

  3. OMG. There are no words. This is whimsy, creative, imaginative, quirky, beautiful, fun…okay, I guess there are A LOT of words to describe this wedding. How does one couple hold so much imagination? I’m completely blown away right now. Wow.

  4. quite possibly one of my most favorite weddings to date. loved the video. such SUCH cute gift ideas for each other. absolutely perfect.

  5. yep. definitely the most creative wedding i have seen posted on here. i love it!

  6. This is amazing! Congrats, you did a wonderful job.

  7. This is just lovely but I’m really swooning over their website!

  8. How adorable! I love the moment in the video as the groom is waiting for his bride, the giddiness and joy he exudes. I couldn’t help but smile! What a touching keepsake for years to come:)
    Great style too, her shoes are beyond perfect.
    A beautiful couple.

  9. hi everyone!
    we are so excited to see our special day featured here.
    when you visit our website you will also see pictures from the day after the wedding ‘cowboy, damsel, bear’ BBQ and photoshoot. it was so much fun to continue partying with our out-of-town guests the next day.
    thank you for all the lovely comments,
    golriz & devon

  10. Golriz & Devon are such a great couple! We were so thrilled to be a part of such a unique wedding.

  11. Oh my goooooood, I honestly cannot express how beautiful I think this is! Watching the video you felt like you were there and that you could feel the love of this couple. Such awesome details, and I think it was a perfect representation of the couple.

  12. Totally love the decoration on the ceiling! thins is something I’m really eager to do on my wedding :)

  13. Wow, these guys have really made their wedding experience their very own – through their creativity they celebrated, expressed and shared who they are as a couple, which is what weddings are really about! Inspiring!
    One of the classiest wedding videos I have ever seen too!
    Thank you for sharing!

  14. This is one of my favorite weddings posted so far! I thought everything was wonderful! I love how everyone was involved during the ceremony!

  15. WHAT an amazing wedding! Im inspired by the creativity!

  16. Love it! Random question, but does anyone know the size of that yellow balloon? It is too cute, especially in photos!

  17. This may just be my favorite wedding you have posted so far! The wedding video definitely won me over, it was incredible. Seeing how happy they are and how much love they have was really special. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I LOVE the art installation with the vintage TVs and the super cute Sweets Table with backdrop!

  19. This wedding was absolutely amazing!I’ve loved every single detail…The cerimony was incredible and you happiness so beautiful…I’d love to know the name of the songs and bands in the video…Could you help me? Congrats! a.

  20. I’m trying to find a similar wedding location for mine in Vegas. VERY cool ideas floating around there. My web-designer fiancé swooned almost as much as I did! ;D

  21. Also, the best part of the wedding video: the groomsman watching tutorials on YouTube to learn how to tie his bowtie! SO CUTE! This definitely convinced me to get a videographer for sure! (something like that just can’t be caught completely with still photos.)

  22. hi a.

    thank you for your sweet comment.

    the songs used in the wedding short film are listed below:

    ‘Sanganichi’ by Shugo Tokumaru
    ‘To Build A Home’ by The Cinematic Orchestra
    ‘Hey Ya’ by OutKast
    ‘You and I’ by Ingrid Michaelson

  23. hi tram,

    the balloons are from balloon country:

    they are 32″.

    they were so much fun and we have a few leftover for future photo escapades :)

  24. These pics and video are lovely, and make all the planning seem beyond worth it! the verses/poems/readings in the video – originals or are from something? thanks for sharing this beautiful day.

  25. Seriously, I am sitting here crying and laughing at the same time watching their video. This wedding convinces me even more that sometimes (most times!) having to be creative and focus on who you are as a couple rather than how much of the wedding budget should be spent on invitations results in the BEST, most meaningful events ever. Congrats on a spectacular day!!!

  26. Hi jessP,

    Thanks for your lovely note.

    The readings during the ceremony were all from the Writings of the Baha’i Faith (

    You can find the full text on the reading about love here:

  27. I clicked the link and got sucked into the video and ended up watching almost the entire ceremony! I laughed, smiled, cried, and awed at the entire thing.. and I don’t even know these people! I can only imagine how special it was for all those present and involved. So so so cute! Was the song Devon sang to you, Golriz, an original of his? The “hey little lovely, i think you’re magical…” song. So perfect!

  28. Ah I just LOVE such creative weddings! What a great way to speak about the couple.

  29. Hi LV,

    Your comment made me smile.

    Yes, the song was a devon gundry original. It wasn’t part of our program so I had no idea it was coming…thank goodness for waterproof mascara!

  30. Thanks everyone for the kind words on the video!

  31. That was the most beautiful ceremony I’ve ever seen, it made me cry and I don’t even know you! Ha ha, the video was incredible. Loved it.

  32. Wow, this has got to be one of the most spectacular, moving, and creative weddings I have ever seen. The videography is incredible and the footage of the ceremony itself had me in tears! And I don’t even KNOW these people!

  33. Please, oh please, tell me what brand those shoes are!

  34. hi Bee,

    my blue shoes were from OFFICE in the UK:

    i love their style of shoes.


  35. Yaritza Rodriguez on:

    I was so beautiful. When they so each other you could see the love and that moment when they closed their eyes to listen to the words, perfect.

  36. AHH most gorgeous wedding ever!

    How do you create the single hanging bulb effect? Where are these from?

    Thank you for sharing all these details about your day.

  37. hi destiny,

    i found this great link that shows step-by-step instructions for how to create the hanging lightbulbs:

    hope this helps!

  38. I have never seen such a creative wedding! The vintage TV installation with the couples slideshow is amazing. Thank you so much for featuring this inventive wedding!

  39. What a charming, enchanting wedding! I love the vintage TV installation. I’m curious as to how you set up the slideshow to stream to the vintage TVs?

  40. hi ann,

    1. we ran our slideshow in iphoto on a mac.

    2. we plugged this connector into the mac:

    3. we plugged this cable into the connector in number 2:

    (you only need to use the yellow one)

    4. we plugged the yellow cable in #3 into the aux input in a VCR and used lots of these and these: to connect the VCR output to the TVs.

    5. a lot of old TVs don’t have the screw-on coax cable jack, they just have two screws on the back to plug in an antenna, so you might need to use these also:

    good luck!

  41. Absolutely blown away by your creativity and love for each other! I tried to find the reading that the gentleman read and am having a hard time finding it exactly. He read beautifully and it brought tears to my eyes. I would love to share this reading with my family at my baby sisters wedding. Please Help. :)

  42. I know this post is quite old, but if you happen to see this comment Golriz, could you please point me in the direction of the source for your wide streamers? I love the look of them, however the only thing I can find are gossamer streamers. I much prefer the opaque look of the ones you used to the transparent gossamer streamers. Thanks!


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