Paper Flower DIYs with West Elm + Giveaway!

West Elm Paper Flower DIY

West Elm contacted me last month to see if we’d be interested in sharing some fun DIYs and inspiration using their paper flowers. Since I’m a huge fan of both West Elm + paper flowers (I love when couples use them in weddings!), I said yes, of course!

I thought this would be a great opportunity to inspire you lovelies to use paper flowers to DIY for  your own events. So, to show a few different potential uses, we enlisted four of our rad + talented DIY contributos to give us their take on using the flowers. As you’ll see below, our DIY contributors did not disappoint and each brought along their own personal style when creating this lovely pieces that would add such a nice touch to any event.

I’m in major love with the results and can’t wait to share with you lovelies! So, let’s take a look…

love and peace paper flowers

Love & Peace
This first shoot is by Jesi Haack (and photographed by Mr. Haack). I love the mix of all the bright colorful flowers and this would make such a rad backdrop for a ceremony, dessert bar, or whatever else you can imagine! It would also be a great keepsake that you can use to decorate your house and remember your special day :)

To create these pieces, first use a pencil and draw your peace sign and heart. The using a drill with a medium sized bit, start drilling holes along the pencil mark. Pro Tip: Jesi drilled one hole, then cut the flower stem in, then drilled the next hole – that way she could see how much space each flower took up. Once the entire outline is full of flowers, go back through the design and fill in more flowers to thicken it up.

To tie the look together, she then used individual flowers to accent the tablescape. Makes a pretty gorgeous statement, right?!

love and peace paper flowers

love and peace paper flowers

love and peace paper flowers

Ruffled Rainbow Sweetheart Table Runner
Next up is Amanda with Anthomanic (photos by Melissa Arlena). She created a ruffled rainbow sweetheart table runner. Love all the vibrant colors in this one!

Amanda dyed sections of burlap, using the bucket method (Pro Tip: don’t rinse the fabric to keep the color bold), to match the lovely shades of the West Elm flowers. Once the burlap was just right, she added splashes of acrylic paint to the corresponding sections to add visual texture –  the messier, the better as it will add a very painterly, textural detail. :)

Next she bunched the fabric to create ruffles, which she then glued in place with a hot glue gun to keep them in place. Then she cut the paper flower with wire cutters to a stem length of less than an inch, added hot glue and placed them in the corresponding color sections in the folds of fabric. Lastly, she fluffed open the paper flower bloom. Super pretty!

Rainbow Ruffled Table Runner

Rainbow Ruffled Table Runner

I love the next idea by Going Lovely (with photos from Kirsten Julia Photography) for your bar display!

Paper Flower Letters

Paper Flower Letters

BAR Letters
Going Lovely used the West Elm Paper Flower Wreath for these, which is a great idea since the wreath is made of a few different flowers that already look great together!

To create the BAR letters, you just need the West Elm Paper Flower wreath, letters (which you can find  here) and a glue gun.  Once you have your supplies, remove all the flowers from the wreath. Next you’ll glue the the flowers to your letters.  Pro Tip: Going Lovely recommends gluing the flowers in the same pattern in which they were place on the wreath – this helps make sure that the letters feel balanced and not overcrowded with one particular flower.

For a second fun DIY, they created fun drink stirrers! They’re made from wooden skewer sticks and the West Elm paper tulips. Just cut the wooden stick to 6 inch lengths and insert the pointed side of the stick into the base of the tulip. Pro Tip: make sure to insert it far enough into the tulip so it’s stable and useful for your guests.

Paper Flower Letters

Floating Rose Wreaths
Christy, of One Handspun Day, created these beautiful Floating Rose Wreaths – with photos by Dana Grant PhotographyPro Tips from Christy to help you create this look yourself:

  • I wanted to bring in more gold accents, so I added detail to the leaves of the roses before crafting the wreaths. To create the same effect, use a gold pen (Krylon 18KT Gold Leafing Pen) to draw a line down the center of each leaf and several lines on both sides of it.
  • Each centerpiece requires approximately one dozen roses and re-uses part of the packaging from the roses.
  • I love that the stems and leaves of the West Elm roses have a wire base because it makes them so easy to work with!
  • You could also use the roses on the place settings as name cards or napkin rings!

DIY Rose Wreaths

DIY Rose Wreaths


Bonus Just for GWS Readers Looking to DIY!
West Elm is giving one lucky GWS reader two dozen West Elm Paper Flowers along with the vessel of your choice! Just leave a comment below telling us how you’d style your paper flowers or how you’d love to see paper flowers used by GWS (if we find idea that strike us, we’ll create DIYs for your ideas in future GWS posts!) and we’ll pick a random winner. This contest is open to US residents and ends on April 25, 2013 at 3pm PST. We’ll announce the winner on April 26th. 

** The contest is now over and the lucky winner is Jessica! **

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  1. I’m on a budget so I’d use it as a cost-efficient way for color and energy!

  2. My fiancee and I are planning our August wedding and these would be the perfect touch!! I love the idea of using them for the bouquets & on the tables for a splash of color

  3. My daughter is having an upcoming cherry blossom party and I’d love to use these to decorate and make a festive celebration. I love that these can be reused too.

  4. these are so lovely. I would love to make a monogram like the one featured above, or even just place them in a vase in my entryway. so many lovely possibilities!

  5. I loooove these flowers! I would love to win them! I am hosting my dear sisters baby shower this summer and I would definitely use them as bouquets, garlands and back drops!

  6. oooh, i love the west elm paper flowers. we’re getting married in front of this adorable (yet simple) wishing well and these would be perfect to help dress the area.

  7. I would use them to decorate the ballet mirror / bar in my nieces room They are so so pretty! I love the table runners made with the paper flowers BEAUTIFUL

  8. I am starting a new business and my office is in dire need of some beautification. I love flowers & plants but cannot keep them alive. So, my office is drab. This would help brighten up the days.

  9. I love these paper flowers! So beautiful!! My daughter is turning one in a few months. I would love to create a gorgeous backdrop with these paper flowers for her one year photoshoot. I’d also include the backdrop as decoration for her birthday.

  10. I’d make some kind of “drop ceiling” for my porch area! Or maybe a drop centerpiece, either way suspend those flowers!

  11. I like the idea of using paper flowers in/on an old, gaudy chandelier. Flowers that modernize and bring down the gaudiness a notch. I have been thinking of ways to do this with the old, ridiculous chandelier in my dining room. Not sure what type of flowers would work though…

  12. I would have hanging picture frames (no glass or picture in the frame) and hot glue or wind the flowers around the frames. That way, areas of our reception venue would have amazing color, texture & depth, and edge with Frames peppered with West Elm flowers! Did I mention, I’d reuse those frames and display them in our house after the wedding :)

  13. I’d love these flowers to put in my boring office. There’s nothing in here- need to class it up!

  14. I stumbled upon this entry while doing research for bridal shower decor. The paper flowers speak to me and the bride. I can imagine her eyes light up when she sees the gorgeous paper flowers adorn her bridal shower dessert mantel, right next to her must-have red velvet bundt cakes!

  15. I literally love love the designs! I actually am in the process of making paper flowers for my wedding that will be strictly paper and lace flowers, on Sept 7, 2013! I would love to add the Quince in peach, and the Hellebore in light pink!! :)

  16. I would love to use these flowers to decorate my future wedding. I would love to find out how to make them! So pretty.

  17. I would really love to have paperflowers in my wedding arrangements…makes them easy to prepare ahead and to keep!

  18. I’d flower up in large letters our initials B and E. I’d also love to use them as centerpieces.

  19. I’m making paper flowers for my wedding bouquet and center pieces. I would love to use the West Elm Flowers as a backdrop for our bar area that will be set up with galvanized tubs and chalkboards.

    Thank you!

  20. I am getting married September 2013 in Orlando, FL at a large estate. I would love to use the flowers to decorate the arch I am getting married under. The arch will be lighly draped with sheer linens and the flowers will be centered at the top in between the opening as well as used to anchor the drapes and create the romantic look.

  21. I would probably make giant, thick garlands of them to hang around miscellaneous parts of my wedding (and then use them to decorate my house after the wedding!).

  22. I think I’d wire them into the bushes around our reception venue’s property… The wedding is in early Spring, so it’s a gamble as to weather anything will bloom!

  23. I would use them for my wedding to decorate cocktail tables.

  24. I would totally make a flower garland to hang anywhere and everywhere! I bet these flowers would look gorgeous as a DIY chandelier, too! (I do hope you do a DIY project on a chandelier!)

  25. I would use them to decorate my home in vases and on a vine to decorate my spare bedroom. They are so gorgeous!:)

  26. I LOVE paper flowers, especially ones that look soft, whimsical and romantic (as opposed to the bright, playful ones). I would love to have long vines of paper flowers in neutral tones–whites, creams, tans, blush, mauve–and string them across the ceiling, possibly with the addition of small lights.

  27. Beautiful! Love the West Elm wreaths, and the styling. I’d love to string them up for a garland to drape on my headboard!

  28. Considering that paper flowers never wilt, I would use them to turn my home into a work of art. It will allow me the opportunity to be creative and considering that I’m an artist, creativity comes easy to me.

  29. This is exactly what I’m looking for. Real flowers cost so much and die instantly! We are getting married this October. I want to do my own decor and these would be perfect to design into our logo that we are painting on wood planks to eventually hang in our home!


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