Miranda Lambert + Blake Shelton: Their Wedding

miranda lambert blake shelton wedding

Today we have a treat for you guys! I’m a big fan of music (lots of types of music) and I know how important music is to your wedding day. So, today is all about music – with a wedding of two of country’s most popular musicians and a song by Blake that I think is perfect for your wedding day – oh, and a fun contest! :)

Blake + Miranda had a fun rock n roll wonderland wedding – with a splash of hillbilly – so perfect for them. They wanted their wedding to really reflect their personalities also (which of course I just love!). It was old fashioned, laid-back and fun. I love all the little touches they incorporated and I’m excited to share some of them with you guys today.

And later today, we have a pretty amazing contest we are running with Blake, so be sure to check back! But for now, their wedding! :)

miranda lambert wedding bouquet

miranda lambert wedding bridesmaids

Miranda wore two dresses. For the ceremony she wore her mom’s vintage Gunne Sax gown (her parents have been married for 33 years, so she saw it as a good luck charm!), and then for the reception, she wore the Vineyard by Priscilla of Boston “Drew” dress. Of course, a country girl needs cowgirl boots for her day. :)

miranda lambert wedding dress

blake shelton wedding

dogs walking down the aisle

They also had their dogs as part of the ceremony. It was important to them that they choose a venue where their dogs could celebrate with them – so sweet!

blake shelton and miranda lambert wedding

Such a magical ceremony location! Since we are talking about music, what do two superstar musicians select for their music?

Miranda walked down the aisle to her bridesmaid (and fellow country singer) Ashley Monroe singing Makin’ Plans, a 2009 song Miranda wrote for Blake. When Monroe sang the lyrics “I know you like the back of my hand, you’ve got a heart of gold and a piece of land,” Miranda teared up. “I was thinking about not crying,” Lambert says. “Then when I got close I didn’t think of anyone else. It was just me and Blake.” When the new Mr. and Mrs. Shelton walked back up the aisle after the wedding ceremony, the classic Roy Rogers’ song, Happy Trails, was played. During the reception, Blake performed a song he wrote for their wedding day called Let’s Grow Old Together.

blake shelton and miranda lambert wedding

blake shelton and miranda lambert wedding

blake shelton and miranda lambert wedding

blake shelton and miranda lambert wedding

blake shelton and miranda lambert wedding

Such a perfect country wedding! Congrats to Miranda + Blake and check back later today for a fun giveaway for your wedding from Blake!!

photography: Robert Evans // venue: Kendall Creek at Don Strange Ranch // flowers: Enchanted Florist // ceremony styling: Enchanted Florist and Front Porch Farms // reception styling: Junk Gypsy // wedding cake and cake bar: Cakes by Jay Qualls // brooch bouquet: Custom made by The Ritzy Rose

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  1. This was a great wedding. I’m a music lover too and I loved the song choices as well as the two dresses and the location. The desserts looked fabulous too!

  2. i’ve been wanting to see their wedding! miranda and blake seem like two kick-ass people so i’m sure their wedding was tons of fun. good for them :) and i love the lights in the ceremony space

  3. Congratulations to Blake and Miranda!!!!
    I love the reception and the cake! :)

  4. Love the boat for display for the desserts.

  5. Congratulations to them, and such a beautiful wedding.

  6. Love them. Loved their wedding. Love all the unique details of the day that truly represent them. So glad it wasn’t a typical celebrity wedding. There’s so much charm & personality to this wedding. Love it!!!!

  7. So kitsch, so cute I love all the details, even if I am such an urban person!

    Congrats from Spain!

  8. Can anyone please tell me what font they used for Blake & Miranda in the very first image of this post?

  9. I am impressed. I’m not exactly a rockabilly fan (usually) and…with a wedding??? YES, it works. Beautifully, in fact.

    Eatin’ my words (or thoughts) over here…this is GORGEOUS and fun.

  10. What an amazing wedding. Love the sign “The Sheltons”

  11. I just love love love the second dress she wore with her cowboy boots!

  12. OMG I’m dying over the beer coozies – “To have and to hold, To keep your beer cold” that is brilliant! I also adore how the reception looks like you’re in the middle of a classic antique fair. Love these two talented musicians, and so proud of my friend Jen, the creative genius behind The Ritzy Rose, who created Miranda’s stunning bouquet!

  13. Wonderful! I was waiting for their pictures for quite a while and they are just stunning!

    They truly look happy and not like other celebrities where you doubt the marriage would last a couple of years…

    Miranda and Blake: Congratulations!

  14. Wow! That ceremony location looks amazing! Gorgeous. These two are some of my favs and I couldn’t be happier for them. Oh and those napkin rings are the best EVER!

  15. This wedding is so cool! I love everything about this!

    Hilary {Bayside Bride}

  16. Word! What an awesome feature- I’m so excited you all are the ones to break their photos out! GORGE!

  17. Ahhhhh I just love this!! I got married 2months ago and walked down the aisle to miranda lambert’s makin plans. I just love that song and it so perfectly describe my hubby and I’s love for eachother. When you fall in love with the right guy all those plans you think up in your head are made togethr and become a reality. Every time I would listen to it before my wedding I would start crying. They are such a beautiful couple and It is neat to see how real they have stayed through it all!

  18. Looks like it was a great wedding, all the details are fab. Love the napkin wraps:-)

  19. Goodness! Such happiness and fun! We adore Miranda and have een such a fan of Blake since he featured our Beckoning Creatures robe in his “Who are You When I’m Not Looking Video.” They are such a fantastic couple! sending along so much love!



  20. This wedding it TOO cute! I love the bridesmaids attire and the bride is absolutely adorable. All the touches are perfect!

  21. Looks like a very unique wedding, a lovely rustic feeling, the cake looks amazing, the purple works really well.

  22. OMG I love the pictures they are GREAT!! What a wonderful wedding. I loved everything about it… I love different ideas.. Great job.. Congrats to both of you.. We are big Fan and love ya’ll like family… Best wishes

  23. Omg!!! I’m so excited to see their wedding pictures. I saw them in People magazine, but there were only a couple. After I had seen pictures of this wedding, I knew this was the theme I wanted to do with my wedding, so I booked a barn! I love Miranda so much, she’s just such a simple and beautiful girl without trying to hard to impress anyone. P.S. Go out and get her new Pistol Annie’s c.d. It’s about as awesome as you can get! I just hope my wedding is as beautiful as hers…except I’m gonna have to cut some corners cause I’m pretty sure our bank accounts are a little different. Lol

  24. Wow, every aspect of their wedding is amazing! I love their wedding venue and all the rich purple details!

  25. I am no fancy wedding concierge, but I think their wedding looked simply perfect! I loved every aspect of the pictures shown here and feel as though every bit of who they are shown through. The venue was spectacular and better yet they both looked as happy as could be; thank you for sharing this intimate piece of your life together with me, it was beautiful!

  26. LOVE!!! “With a splash of hillbilly” is exactly how I am goign to describe our wedding.

  27. What a cool couple! The wedding is perfect ever!
    I love this site so much!

  28. What a fabulous wedding! Gotta love those boots. Congrats to Miranda and Blake.

  29. Simply stunning wedding. Congrats to the happy couple!

  30. The wedding pics are awesome, what a beautiful day they had. All the ideas and planning seems like it went off very well. Love both the wedding dresses and the boots that was great.

  31. Any ideas on where they got such great napkin holders?? Thanks!

  32. @Lauren:you could try Ebay or Etsy.

  33. OMG! Such beautiful photos, especially the candle-purple feeling pics! Georgeus!

  34. I love seeing these! I am not a country music person – but loved Blake Shelton after becoming addicted to The Voice!

  35. Miranda– nice wedding dress (the reception one)…that was mine too!!! it was the best wedding dress ever- so comfy, cute and short..it made dancing absolutely amazing!!

  36. How much are those white boots?? So fricken adorable.

  37. congrats i am a huge fan of both of you i m so happy tht you 2 finally got married

  38. What an amazing beautiful wedding…. I can NOT get over those bridesmaid dresses, where did they come from??

  39. Congratulations to you both! I’ve always loved country weddings, because the ambiance is so natural and refreshing to the senses. I love the cute red truck, the rustic style and the butter treats look really yummy!

  40. omg just so cute miranda i love the 2 dresses and the sigh the sheltons

  41. One of the coolest weddings no doubt about it. Great southern feel to it brings out the special charm.

  42. Congratulations to you both, What a Beautiful wedding. I love the music , the boots are awesome and the cake is beautiful just like Miranda. You too make a Beautiful Couple. Your so cute together. again Congratulations to both.

  43. I Love them two they make such great couple and I love their wedding and them I wish I could see them in concert

  44. It doesn’t take an expert or a wedding organizer to say that this is a flawless wedding. Every detail is well-thought-of. Couldn’t take my mind off of the dessert corner!

  45. Gorgeous and incredibly sweet. I adore the color combos.

  46. WOW! Everything about this wedding was perfect. Miranda & Blake are one of my favorite celeb couples and I felt that I was actually there at the wedding as I was looking through the pictures.
    Everything was perfect and it wasn’t like a “gaudy” celeb wedding trying to show of their money, they made it simple but still unbelievably cute.


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