Love Story and Photo Do-over: Carrie + Ryland

I know there are a lot of you who are already married, but still love reading Green Wedding Shoes. A lot of you tell me it’s because of the gorgeous photos and they dream of having photos like that with their honey. Well, this post is to remind you that there is no reason why you can’t get magical photos taken AFTER your wedding. Here is Carrie + Ryland’s story which I’m sure there are some of you who can relate to. :) Thanks so much to Troy Grover Photography for sharing these lovely photos.

pink vespa

pink vespa

From Carrie, “Planning the big day was pretty daunting. I was the first person in my family and circle of friends to get married so, essentially, I was the guinea pig for everyone else. I had the help of family when it came to planning, but I didn’t have the benefit of having great recommendations of vendors from past brides since I was the first. I was also planning the wedding remotely because I was living in San Diego, working as the marketing manager for a concert venue, and Ryland was out on tour with his band (Reel Big Fish) – and was not able to return until three days before the wedding!

Our wedding day was practically perfect. The flowers were gorgeous, the venue was amazing, the band had every one of our guests out on the dance floor – it was a blast! It wasn’t until receiving our photos that I realized our personal style got a little lost in the shuffle. Our wedding day was amazing, but there were things I realized I would have changed if I could go back in time and do it all over again – my guinea pig learned- wedding knowledge has benefited my family and friends though, thankfully.


pink vespa love session

pink vespa love session

pink vespa love session

love session

Nearly five years later, we were so excited to be approached about doing a styled shoot. It wasn’t something we would have thought of on our own, but it made so much sense to be able to have a photo do-over. We felt like we’d grown so much in the past five years together, we were so happy to have the opportunity to take photos that would reflect who we are as a couple now, right in time for our fifth wedding anniversary. Plus, we loved that we would be able to be more creative with the entire vibe of the shoot. I absolutely love the 60’s and spent a good part of the 90’s in the mod revival scene in LA, so that was my inspiration. Rachel gave me an amazing look that I could only dream of being able to create on my own. I was honestly a little nervous about being a model (something I feel quite opposite from), but Aimee and Troy were so nice and really shared our excitement about the shoot. I felt at ease as soon as we met.

pink vespa love session

pink vespa love session

soda bottles

love session

love session

love session

love session

I am really glad we were able to do this photo do-over and have photos that reflect who we are as a couple, five years after our wedding and almost ten years into our relationship.

Carrie – you + Ryland are adorable! Congrats to you both!

photos by Troy + Aimee of Troy Grover Photography and hair and makeup by Rachel DeSimone

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  1. This is brilliant! I love that they are documenting their growth as a couple and that they were able to redeem their wedding photos, so to speak. More young couples should steal their idea. Gorgeous!

  2. Love the colors. So natural and pretty. Many blessings to you guys!

  3. Unbelievably cute – and I SO relate. My husband’s sisters were already married when I was planning my wedding, so I had a ton of in-law input into how things should be done, even down to how we registered for our wedding.

    My husband is planning a do-over proposal (with the ring he didn’t have the first time!) and we’re going to have a real wedding party that is about us, and not about obligation.

    PLUS, we’ll actually hire a photographer for the wedding part this time!

    Stories like this encourage me so much – Carrie & Ryland, I think you are awesome!

  4. i think this is a great anniversary idea!

  5. I love this shoot. Her look is adorable. I have a very similar dress and black shoes. I think I need to bust those out.

  6. Sweet and quirky! Lots of personality.

  7. I did the hair and make-up for this shoot, so proud to see it on GWS!

    Rachel DeSimone

  8. Well now I want a do-over shoot with a pink vespa too!! ;)
    This is a beautiful shoot — love the styling!

  9. This was such an fun shoot for us to be a part of! Props to Rachel from A Lovely Bride for the inspiration and beautiful hair and makeup! Glad that we were able to give Carrie and Ryland some photos that are reflective of their love today :)

  10. Totally sweet. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures after this!. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Her hair + dress are adorable. She looks a bit like Sally Fields! That pink Vespa is too perfect.

  12. Stunning pictures. Great photo original and graceful. Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous set of images. Love the settings and choice of location. Especially loved the idea of the pink scooter and the Motel.


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