Friday Favors with a Wedding Parachute

parachute as wedding decor

Happy Friday lovelies! A bit late today, but trying to get lots done before we leave for Mexico and the ISSE conference next week. Really excited about meeting lots of great wedding professionals and sharing my advice on getting published + blogging. Should be lots of fun! Don’t worry though, we are still posting lots of great features next week on the site – and we are starting our holiday features off next week also – YAY! :) Before we head out for the weekend some of my favorites from this week…

• Such an amazing (and affordable – rented for $35) decor idea – a parachute! Spotted at this wedding and found via Oh Joy’s Pinterest (did you know GWS is on Pinterest? You can follow me here)

• A big welcome to our newest sponsor Carol Hannah. And check out her brand new collection of more affordable gowns, Happily Yours.

• Adorable bride and bridesmaids in sweaters and green shoes from this wedding photographed by Clayton Austin.

• Thought this would be a fun alternation to wedding flowers. A group of about 20-30 of these would make quite a statement.

Another big welcome to the Lunch Pail Pictures – our newest Featured Videographers! Be sure to check out their work here.

If you are in the Irvine, CA area, Wiley Valentine is hosting it’s first ever pop up shop this Saturday and next!

And how cool is this idea!? A time lapse of the couple’s first date! Garry + Steph met and fell in love in SF. For their engagement video, Kien Lam metaphorically recreated their meeting and first date. This was made with about 1000 photographs. And love the song choice too (it’s Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg).

See you back on Monday with a woodland wedding you won’t want to miss (did I mention there is a unicorn!)

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  1. i’m pretty sure that parachute is only available to rent at that specific venue as they own it. it is gorgeous though! wish i could find one.

  2. Really nice video! Love, love, love it!

  3. I absolutely love that parachute idea! Such a great post! Thanks for all the info and have fun at ISSE :)

  4. I saw the idea for the parachute on pinterest today. What an amazing idea. This wedding was full of great imagination. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. Clayton Austin sounds a creative photographer.

  6. Ok that parachute is a brilliant idea!! Affordable to rent…gorgeous to use and design with…love the lighting with it. Fab idea!!

    The French Bouquet- Custom Wedding Florals

  7. Wow, who would’ve thought to use a parachute as decor? But it works so well!

  8. OK- So where is this parchute. Does anyone know if one can rent it or others. Certainly worth more then $35!


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