DIY: Giant Balloon with Streamers

DIY balloon streamers

Remember the fun giant balloons from the posh + playful wedding this morning? Well, we were inspired by Darcie’s creations and crafted up our own beauties! There are so many variations you can do for these balloons, but they make the perfect fun + modern touch to your wedding – or next party! Here is how we made ours…

DIY balloon streamers

• 3′ round balloon (you can find them here or here)
• 1 yard of fabric (in your choice of color)
• 1 yard of tulle (I couldn’t find dotted tulle, so instead bought plain tulle and used this DIY to create a dotted look)
• 2 pieces of scrapbook paper for geometric shapes (DIY to make these here)
• 1 ball of yarn
• tissue paper tassels (DIY found here on how to make these)

* These are the materials to make this specific balloon but you are only limited by your imagination! The balloon is quite large and holds a lot of helium, but it is still a good idea to use very lightweight materials. Tulle, tissue paper and lightweight fabrics are all good choices.

round balloon

1. Decide how high your balloon will be displayed and therefore the length of your longest decorations. I cut varying lengths for both the fabric strips, tulle, and ribbons. Some shorter, and one or two very long (touching the floor)

yarn fluff

If you’d like to add additional decor, one fun item was a yarn fluff. Simply wrap a thick amount around your fingers, tie together in the middle, and cut both ends of folds. Voila! Yarn fluff. I decided not to use these once we had the gold shapes and tissue tassels.


2. Make your materials. Here is where I dotted the plain tulle, snipped fringe into the coral orange fabric as seen in the photo, and created the fringe tassels.

3. Start by laying your pieces out on a table, and then grabbing one at a time in your hand and layering on top of one another. You’ll have a nice bundle of your materials. Leave a few inches at the top and pinch in the middle. *Leave out your tassels and geometric shapes as they will be layered on later.


4. Tie the bundle to your balloon. I used some of the string Party City had put on when they blew it up. Don’t use the main string holding the balloon up. Use an additional “tail.”


5. Fluff out the tops so they are spread out nice and give volume.

geometric diamonds

geometric diamonds

6. Start adding your additional materials. I started by hot gluing a bit of yarn to my gold geometric shape so that I could loop it over the top of those tops. You can also hot glue a piece of yarn on it so that you can tie the shape to a strand.

geometric diamonds

tissue tassels

7. For the tassels, I put the first fluff under the geometric shapes so as to hide the top of the tassel and tied it to one of my sturdier ribbons. You can also hot glue if you want more stability. Then layer your other tassel under the first one so it blends underneath. I kept the tassels on the same strand of ribbon

You’re finished!

You can add so many other goodies to your balloon to make it unique! It’s great to just start layering, and then stepping back to see what/where needs more or less. Not too much, or your balloon will start to sink after about hour 4!

DIY balloon and streamers

DIY balloon and streamers

DIY balloon and streamers


Have fun + looking forward to seeing your creations!

Oh, and if you love these, but don’t have time to DIY your own, we love the giant balloons from Geronimo!

photos by Katie Pritchard for Green Wedding Shoes

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this project! Where can I find a balloon that size?

  2. What a fantastic and fun way to add a little ‘DIY’ to your wedding! LOVE it!!! :D

  3. Very cool…we’ll be sure to share with our network!

  4. Oh, I absolutely love this! Such a simple, stunning DIY!

  5. You can get them from – they’re a lot cheaper – good quality round balloons, lots of colours. Also free closures. discounts on big quantities

  6. Very pretty! What a great idea. How did you blow up the balloon this size? Did you have to buy the helium tank? Thank you!

    • Hi Cala! The balloons are special large balloon – check the links above in the post to see where to buy them. You can take them to a party supply store and they will fill them with helium.

  7. Hello! On the second link for the mega balloons, is the size of the balloon the 36″ or the 30″. I love this idea, is there a link for a ribbon tassle? Thanks!!

  8. Very pretty, I just adore his idea. Its simple and easier, I absolutely love this!

  9. Fantastic! I’m using giant balloons for my wedding in a couple of weeks and thought, “Hmm…won’t that be kind of boring?” I guess not!


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