DIY: Fall Floral Centerpiece

fall floral centerpiece DIY

I think this Fall Floral Centerpiece with Garden Roses + Gladiolus by Kiana Underwood would make the prettiest centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner. Kiana was sweet enough to share how to create this lovely floral arrangement for your own Thanksgiving table next week. Thanks so much Kaina!

There is a spectacular variety of color during autumn, and I am constantly inspired by the gorgeous floral creations that are possible during this season.

I received this lovely Depression glass ice bucket a few years ago as a gift, and every few months I’ll use it for a bright and colorful arrangement. I tend to lean toward the non-traditional when it comes to holiday decorating, and thought that this ice bucket paired with some gladiolus and garden rose would make the perfect holiday dinner table centerpiece. I mixed in some coxcomb and ranunculus for texture, as well as a little bit of autumn foliage and berries from my garden.

fall floral materials

Flowers Needed: Gladiolus, Juliet Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Berries, Coxcomb & Autumn Foliage


Let’s Make the Arrangement!

1. Begin with the foliage, placing them to one side of the vessel.
2. Add the fall berries (any variety will do) to the opposite side.
3. Add the ranunculus. The bunch that I found had such an amazing variety of colors!
4. Add the the gladiolus and coxcomb. This rather unusual shade of gladiolus is to increase height and asymmetry, and the coxcomb is for a lovely velvety texture.
5. Finally, add the juliet roses. You don’t need very many, just two or three. They are so beautiful and “ruffley”, and smell lovely too. You simply cannot go wrong with juliet roses in any floral arrangement!

fall floral centerpiece DIY

So pretty and totally unique, right?! Thanks so much Kiana!

Kiana Underwood is the owner of Tulipina, a boutique San Francisco-area floral design studio. Thanks also to N. Underwood for the photos!

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  1. This is beautiful, we love the textured use of the leaves! We made a DIY fall post too! Great minds think alike!

  2. Thanks for this great tutorial. The step-by-step instructions are very easy to follow and show how with a few simple steps, you can transform your table with beautiful florals. I am a huge advocate for having fresh flowers for anything and everything and your tutorial helps to reduce the intimidation factor of making a good flower arrangement. Thanks so much.

  3. Wow you make it look so simple. It turned out really great.


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