Create Your Own Wedding App with Appy Couple

appy couple

Dream of having your own wedding app for your wedding? Well, Appy Couple does just that – plus you can also create a free matching website! With the app, they make it super easy to share everything about your wedding, from the engagement to the honeymoon and beyond. One of my favorite things about this app is the design. Their designs are super pretty with lots of options and of course I love that your app + website can match!

As a special to GWS readers, we are giving away Appy Couple for free! Use code GWSSP1 at Appy Couple. Quantities are limited! (note – use your code online at Appy Couple, not directly in the app)

Features include:
• Real-time photo sharing
• Private messaging to your wedding guests
• Event details and mapping
• RSVPs right in the app (no need to spend money on rsvp postage!)
• Wedding countdown
• Live photo stream on the day
• Virtual champagne
• Coordinating email announcements to guests, friends and family
• Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (Android coming soon)
• Free, coordinating wedding website.

I love that it’s so easy to use. Just set up the app online and then your guests can download the app for free + access the wedding with a wedding code. Check out some of the great designs they offer –

appy couple

wedding app

wedding app appy couple

wedding app appy couple

wedding app appy couple

Since everyone is already always on their phones, why not make it easier for your guests by putting all your wedding info there also! No need to worry about someone losing directions or wondering what was on your gift registry since we’ve all have the info on our phones. :)

Check out their designs and be sure to use the GWS reader code GWSSP1 to get the App for Free as a special to GWS readers at Appy Couple. Quantities are limited!

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  1. How cool is this!
    what an amazing idea
    and beautifully executed

  2. tried to log in but not able to :(

  3. Wow got an email from GWS literally minutes after my initial post. Thank you! Took a few goes before I was able to log on but I finally got in! Thank you again GWS!

  4. Wow, this is awesome! How much does it normally cost??

  5. I am also unable to get on. Are the quantities already used up?

  6. This idea is brilliant, but sadly, I’ve tried and tried to use the code, but I assume it must be no longer valid? :(

  7. How can I get a wedding code? I’ll even pay for one!!!


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