Colorful + Fun Austin Wedding: Lauren + Sam

couple with handmade flags

I love that Lauren + Sam had such a personal and handmade wedding – and full of lots of laughs just like them! :) They love breakfast for dinner, so they served chicken + waffles and pancakes on a stick. They met at Apple, so Lauren embroidered an apple and iDo on the ring bearer pillow. They love movies, so their guest book was The Encyclopedia of Movies and asked their guests to sign on their favorite movie so they could watch them later. And Sam proposed at Austin’s Capital, so that is where they took their first look photos. So many sweet, thoughtful details! Lauren crafted so many things for the day also including: the Apple ring bearer pillow, boutonnieres, bouquets, banners, felt flags, her headpiece, the ceremony backdrop + more! Thanks so much to Ely Fair Photos for sending this one our way and congrats to Lauren + Sam!

mint colored shoes

austin wedding bride

heart sewn into sweater

austin wedding bride

austin wedding groomsmen

balloon boutonniere


Ok, I think this is one of the cutest + sweetest things I’ve seen! The bride made this large banner to hide behind, so they could do portraits before the ceremony, but without seeing each other! They even managed to get a photo of the entire bridal party – with the bride + groom – without the bride + groom seeing each other until the ceremony! Wait until you see how they did it! Super creative you guys!!

nothing to see here sign

hand touch first look

hand touch first look

hand touch first look

hand touch first look

austin wedding bridal party

kraft paper invite

apple ring pillow

indoor ceremony

Processional: Wedding Party: Go Do by Jónsi; Bride: Regina Spektor's cover of Real Love by John Lennon

Recessional: Hoppípolla by Sigur Ros

First Dance: Peter Gabriel's cover of Book of Love by Magnetic Fields

cross stitch ceremony altar

austin wedding ceremony

It would clearly have to be during the ceremony. Our Minister who sounds a bit like Sean Connery went off an extended tangent about how the idea that "All You Need Is Love" is the biggest load of "hokum" he's ever heard. "Love is like a hot bath," he said. "At first, it's hot and steamy, and then you get used to it." We each laughed awkwardly and shared a lot of, "Is this really happening?" glances, especially considering the fact that we were standing in front of an altar with the words "All You Need Is Love" suspended from it. A sort of bemused terror set in with our friends and family, as he continued to talk about the hard work we'd have to put into our marriage day in and day out. At the end of it, though, he brought it back to a beautiful message about how the hard work is how you maintain the love, and that the work is what makes it worthwhile. We wouldn't have changed a thing.

austin wedding ceremony

mint brides shoes

felt flower bouquet

Lauren made her pretty bouquet using family members broaches + pins and felt!

austin wedding bride and groom

felt flag bridal party

coffee wedding favors

embroidery hoop initals

blue glass bottle vases

mini chicken and waffles reception food

cake and pie bar

cake and pie bar

austin wedding

Lauren: If you really want something made or done that might be out there, just go for it. I knew my Grandmas would scratch their heads at some things, but I was also pleasantly surprised at their warm compliments at the things I made myself. When it comes to DIY, allow time for trial and error. Don't stress out when it seems like it won't work. Most importantly, listen to your fiancé when it comes to taking a break with a "non-wedding" day.

Sam: Make sure to find a time as it gets close to the wedding where you decide not to worry or stress about the little things.

photography + paper goods: Ely Fair Photos // venue: Palm Door in Austin Texas // wedding dress: Unbridaled // shoes: BHLDN by Hey Lady // bridesmaid dresses: Anthropolgie, Delias, Boden // hair: Erica Cantu // groom suit: Indochino // catering: Pink Avocado Catering //  cake: Polkadot Cupcake Factory  // pies: Moms of the Bride + Groom, and a couple last minute ones from Cutie Pie Wagon // music: ATX Event Systems with DJ Blacksquirrel – friend of Bride & Groom

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  1. I wanted to note that the “Nothing to See Here” sheet was made by Lauren’s sweet bridesmaid as a surprise. Not that Lauren didn’t make a ton of wonderful things though!

  2. Ahh, I love this wedding!
    So beautifully put together – everything looks so genuine and full of heart.
    Lovely, and congratulations!

  3. What a fun DIY wedding! They did everything so beautifully!!

  4. I love the signs they have and the non-looking first look. Awesome!

  5. This is the most perfect wedding ever in the world of perfect weddings. I mean… the colors.. the bride.. the FIRST LOOK PHOTO WHERE SHE’S CRYING.. I can’t even.

    This is GORGEOUS. They look so happy it makes me giddy!

  6. Oh my gosh, can I please be friends with Lauren, Sam, and their family/friends right now? This wedding is so full of fun and creativity.

  7. an absolutely sweet wedding.

  8. This is the wedding that makes me seriously want to do as much DIY as possible and yet I am clueless about this sort of thing. I guess it’s good I have a year to plan. lol

  9. This is probably the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. You managed to make it so creative and personal.
    I’m truly very happy for these two!

  10. I love that the Grandmas made the pies. What a sweet touch. Perfect.

  11. Wow, all these colors and patterns are so fun! And those shoes are AMAZING! :) I love the shot of the bride wiping away a tear… so sweet.

  12. I am wondering where those invitations came from! They are perfect.

  13. Hey Lauren,

    I am in love with the “Ido” Ring bearer pillow and it couldnt be more perfect for my upcoming wedding…. i am wondering how you did it. Any instructions or tips on how you did it and i would be so grateful. Thank you

  14. I absolutely love how cute this wedding is! And I REALLY love those shoes, where are they from?!

  15. I’m in the preliminary stages of planning my wedding, and I’ve done TONS of browsing online to see what other brides are doing. I had such an emotional response to this wedding. You can see all the love and excitement in every picture. They are just glowing. What a treat!

  16. I know each wedding is unique … but simply this is one of the most outstanding because of the family friends, not to be too cheesy but the love wow , inspired xx

  17. What a beautiful wedding! :) :)

    I especially love the Yummy sign over the treats! (Our cat’s name is Yummy!)

    Thanks for the lovely inspiration! :)

  18. I love love LOVE that you guys did breakfast for dinner at your reception! My fiance and I are flirting with the idea of a similar meal, primarily because our first date meal was breakfast (long story), and also because…we just love it! I’m curious as to how the idea was received by your guests, though? Some blogs I’ve read suggest informing your guests beforehand since many are too picky/don’t like breakfast (who are these people?!?). Is that what you all did, or was it just a surprise?

    • @christi
      We didn’t inform people in any formal way but we also weren’t secretive about it. It was something we were excited about so we hyped it up to friends and family who asked about details. We had an amazing caterer as well who was able to heighten things so it didn’t feel just like a brunch buffet and they included some not as “breakfasty” things like a mixed green salad with yummy herbed goat cheese. We had such a great response from our guests (I guess no one probably complains to the bride though haha). In my opinion, you and your groom should loove the food and not worry too much about picky eaters. They can order a pizza later.

  19. The “I love you” “I know” was actually the way we could reference one of our favorite movies. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. Yep. We are just big nerds! Before Han is about to be frozen , Leia tells Han she loves him and his reply is I know. :)


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