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When you see the new issue of Brides (on newsstands April 24th) you might notice some changes. From the logo to the last page, Brides has a brand new look and I’m head over heels in love with it! It’s the first issue under new editor in chief Anne Fulenwider and I just love their new look. With a fashion shoot inspired by Degas’ ballerinas, bouquets that channel the spirit of style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Debbie Harry, and fun new cocktail ideas, it’s going to be a great issue! We are sharing one of the three covers that they are debuting with the new look and a few pages from a GORG fashion spread of pastel gowns in green, pink, and blue hues that has everyone rethinking a white dress.

Brides Magazine Purple Dress

Brides Magazine Purple Dress

The spreads above are from the May 2012 fashion feature, Pale Fire. The piece was photographed by Sandra Freij and produced by Rachel Leonard and shot at Academy Mansion. The top page features a nude-over-purple silk-tulle draped gown with a corset bodice and full skirt by Samuelle Couture ($8,500) and Gold d’Orsay sandals by Ann Taylor ($128). The bottom page features an ice blue mousseline V-neck gown with raw-edge layered detail and cross-hatch embroidery by J. Mendel ($6,450). The issue will be available for download on April 17th and hits newsstands on the 24th.

And to celebrate their gorgeous new look, GWS has TEN year-long subscriptions to give away to you lovelies! Perfect for lots of pretty inspiration while you are planning your wedding. :)

To qualify to win, click the Facebook like button below and then leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on colored wedding dresses. Would love to know if you are planning on wearing a dress with some color or sticking with the traditional white. I’ll pick 10 random winners on Thursday April 19th at 5pm PST.

And we have our winners! Congrats to: Brittany S., Talitha, Alysha, Malia, Heather, Kelley, Abigail, Melissa, Lauren and Bennett! Brides Magazine will be in touch with you lovelies next week :)

Thanks again to Brides for letting us share this first look today and we can’t wait to see the entire issue! Stunning job!!

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  1. I could probably be a colored wedding dress advocate! I love them. I feel as though they add personality to the “big day” and they show the brides true character. White dresses are okay, but colored wedding dresses give a true wow factor.

  2. I have always envisioned brides to be in the color of their choice on their wedding day! I adore a bold color for a wedding gown and soft muted palletes for the bridesmaids. I think we will be seeing more of this as the years progress.

  3. I’m looking for a champagne/ light gold dress myself. Nothing wrong with traditional white, but I see no reason to limit yourself.

  4. I have seen some beautifully done colored wedding dresses, but for me, nothing makes me feel more like it’s a wedding than a bride in a white dress. I’m a bit of a traditionalist, but I love colorful accents (shoes, jewelry, flowers, etc), so kind of the best of both worlds, in my opinion! :)

  5. I love the idea of a pink dress – not sure I can pull it off, but I’m definitely going to try some on!

  6. I’m totally in favor of a bride looking exactly as she wants on her wedding day. I think colored dresses can be fun, although my personal taste runs toward more muted colors than red.

  7. I’m personally not a fan of colored wedding dresses, but I would love to see one of my friends wear one.

  8. I am seriously considering a blush/pink colored gown. However, after reading this post, lilac sounds heavenly. I still haven’t decided though, so we will see what happens!

  9. My wedding dress is pink!! So excited to wear it because the venue we are getting married in is all white marble!

  10. Love colored wedding dresses. Went to a wedding a couple of months ago where the bride wore a gorgeous pink gown, but then again I love everything to do with weddings!

  11. Gosh love that bouquet on the cover. I’m looking at a few dresses… some totally white, some nude-colored, or with gold/silver sequins. I also love the blush color!

  12. I love love LOVE colored wedding dresses. I am definitely not looking for a plain white dress for mine, the more color the better!

  13. Hm, not too crazy about colored wedding dresses. I would maybe consider blush but that’s a big maybe!

  14. I think it is high time for colored gowns to become part of the day! I hope mine will be a slate blue tulle.

  15. Blush, gold, nude with accents! Sparkles! And lots and lots of tulle, the Sugar Plum Queen!

  16. I love colored dresses! But I think I’m going to stick with tradition and go with a white one…

  17. I plan on staying traditional with color but wearing a short dress. I do think pastel wedding gowns are awesome though!

  18. i wish i had the guts to wear a colored dress to my wedding. i love color!

  19. i think they can be beautiful, but i think i’ll go with a traditional ivory. but maybe with a colorful sash!

  20. Don’t know if I’d go for colored myself, but is such a cool look, fun to do something different!

  21. I actually rather love colored dresses. I totally understand why they aren’t for everyone, but I know that I’m totally okay with them.

  22. I personally wouldn’t wear a colored wedding dress but I think that women who do are very brave and adventerous!

  23. I prefer the Traditional White Dress ! Although I do love bright colors, which I will be incorporating in my wedding.

  24. If I were to pick a color for a wedding dress it would still be a neutral color… no bright colors

  25. Of course colored dresses are awesome! White has only been ‘traditional’ for a century or two and all of the beautiful women of the past wore colored dresses that were all made specifically for them- so why not bring back that tradition?!

  26. i’m sticking to the traditional white dress for the ceremony and am planning to go a little wild and wear a red dress towards the end of the reception :)

  27. My dress had cascading dusty rose embroidery in back. I love that from the front it’s a very traditional ballgown, but that the back is so unique! Yeah for color!

  28. I’m wearing a white dress, but the colored wedding dresses are beautiful and I expect them to become only more popular.

  29. I’m DYING to find the prefect light blush tea-length 50’s inspired wedding dress. (Tall order, I know) I feel like a colored wedding dress, especially pink, would really showcase my quirky sense of style on my wedding day!

  30. LOVE the idea of a lilac wedding gown (maybe a reception dress) but I will likely stick to traditional white.

  31. I’m totally on board with incorporating colour into the bridal look. I opted for an ivory dress with bold accessories, but I considered a few coloured gowns while shopping.

  32. My wedding gown is white, I like the traditional look and incorporating color with a bright bouquet, accessories, decor etc.

  33. I think if its ur wedding you can wear what u want. I personally only like white wedding dresses (or similar color). I think adding something small with color or wearing funky shoes is nicer than a colored wedding dress

  34. I love some nude and champagne dresses, but I think dove gray is the best color second to white. I will stick with white because it looks best with my skin tone, but I love the other colors!

  35. I love colored wedding dresses! Mine is rose-gold. I just don’t look great in white!

  36. I absolutely LOVE the idea of colored wedding dress! I wanted mine to be green but my fiance didn’t want me to.

  37. Maybe a light pink dress, but nothing outrageous :)

  38. I’m a “classic white” girl when it comes to wedding dresses, but that shoot does look beautiful!

  39. Mmmm, I’d love to wear light gray. Subtle, chic, flattering – you can’t get any better! That “power tulle” dress is amazing!

  40. I love colored wedding dresses, they add a fun pop of color. But the color I love best on me is a traditional white dress.

  41. I love colored wedding dresses! They are so feminine and beautiful! I picked a ivory dress but would love to wear some color!<3

  42. I was in LOVE with the idea of my wedding being non-traditional – with everything from the location, to the food, to The Dress. Every time I see pictures of brides in bold wedding dress colors, I envy their courage to be different and to stand out. In my quest for the non-traditional, I’ve done quite well so far. However, the hunt for The Dress surprised me. I tried on so many beautiful dresses, in a rainbow of colors.. but I just didn’t feel.. like a bride. I wanted to buy them ALL, don’t get me wrong. But, they just didn’t make me feel like I wanted to get married in them. So the dress I chose, while still very fashion-forward in it’s style, is ivory. And I am just absolutely in love with it!!

  43. Did we find out the winners yet or were they notified personally?

  44. Hey Jen, I haven’t heard anything from Brides mag. and I just wanted to make sure you had my right email. sometimes I type to fast!! Thanks. :)


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