Blake Shelton “God Gave Me You” Contest


This morning we shared Blake Shelton’s recent wedding. He is completely smitten with his new wife, Miranda Lambert, and sings many songs on his latest album about love – so perfect for weddings, right?! Well, I think his current single “God Gave Me You” would make a perfect wedding song for all you country fans out there! If you haven’t heard it, check out his ultra sweet video right here featuring his new wife :)

So, now the fun news! Blake and his talented video team want to create a an original video for one lucky couple using the winning couple’s personal photos and “God Gave Me You” as the soundtrack. The winner will have the option of using their wedding photos, engagement photos (to play this at your wedding!) or whatever you would like as the visuals that will be used to create your one of a kind video. It’s up to you!

AND – this is the cool part, especially for big fans of Blake – Blake Shleton will add a special message as an into to the video just for the two of you. Pretty, awesome, right? So, to enter it’s pretty easy, just fill out the info below by Friday Oct, 21 at 8pm PST.

The contest is now over and we have selected a winner! Congrats to Faye! Here is Faye’s sweet story..

Winning this contest would be so special to both my fiancé and I. We are planning on getting married May 26th 2012, he is in the United States Marine Corps so we spend a lot of time away from each other which is hard on us both but the times we get together are absolutely amazing. He was home for 10 days in September and during that time I showed him this song and he fell in love with it as well as I did the first time I heard it. When ever it would come on the radio he would start to sing it to me it was so sweet. I would LOVE to play a video of this song at the wedding especially with photos from our engagement shoot in it. We already have this song as one of the songs to be played at the wedding. Its so hard being away from each other for so long and when I saw this contest I got super excited and im crossing my fingers hoping we win. The photo attached is one of our engagement photos.

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  1. hmmm, i just hit submit and was taken to an error web page. any way to find out if my submission went through?

  2. I had the same issue…I submitted my entry and it took me to an error page, but I tried hitting submit again and I think it went through….is there any way to find out if my submission went through? Thanks!

  3. We are getting a lot of traffic right now, so that may happen. Sarah – We didn’t get your entry so please resubmit. Philia- We have your entry! Thanks!!

    Please remember to keep the photos you submit to under 500kb – thanks everyone!!!

    xx Jen

  4. How awesome!! Love Blake and that song!!

  5. I am trying to submit my entry, but when I choose the picture to upload, it blanks out and nothing happens. The pic isn’t too big… should I pic another?

  6. Hi Kristy – Is your photo a jpg file? Maybe try another if it is. Thanks!

  7. I would love to enter but I live in New Zealand :(

  8. Do you have to be getting married to enter? My boyfriend & I have been together over 4 years & I thought it would be something cute to do.

  9. So excited for this contest, thanks for the oppurtunity GWS & Blake!! God bless =)

  10. I really love this idea and really hope to get picked to surprise my wife and son! I got medically discharged from the air force and am trying to get back in and if I can’t this would make for a great alternative! Plus my wife doesn’t know that I am doing this and she loves Blake Shelton and went to see him at the CMA’s. I would love to win this to surprise her! :)

  11. Dave Barnes originally sung this song, and I have been in love with it since it came out in 2010 ( !! Thanks for the lovely post!

  12. Felicia – You don’t have to be getting married to enter – the contest is open to all couple in love whether they are married, getting married or not married at all, so yes – please enter!

    Best of luck!


  13. Sarah – Yes! Blake loved the song too and that is why he asked Dave if he could cover it also – such a pretty song! :)

  14. I’ve been having issues trying to submit my entry. Can someone please look and let me know if it was received? Thanks a bunch!

  15. After I submitted my entry it just took me back to the homepage…does that mean it went through?

  16. Ally and Chontay – Yes, I see both your entries. :) Thanks for entering and best wishes!!

  17. This would be SOOOO amazing to win!! Thanks for hosting this sweepstakes!! It would be awesome to be able to play this at our rehearsal dinner!!

  18. Oh my gosh, my assistant Maria would die for this….too bad she isn’t engaged yet!!!

  19. So bummed this contest isn’t open to Canadians…I thought it would be the perfect wedding present to my man!

  20. What a great giveaway!


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