Beautiful, Stylish Travel Bags from Lo & Sons


Confession time: we LOVE traveling but can’t stand packing! And while some of that is based on indecisiveness (do I really need to bring that 4th pair of shoes?!), a big part of it is the functionality of our luggage, which is typically less than stellar. I’m sure more than a few of you agree, right? It’s hard to find a stylish, lightweight travel bag that not only looks great, but can withstand the test of time. Helen Lo, creator of Lo & Sons, suffered from the same ordeal — and terrible back + muscle pain — that forced her to travel light. In her hunt for a great lightweight travel carry-on, she had a hard time finding one that wasn’t just a giant bottomless pit with no pockets, or a super sporty/techie bag. So she turned to her sons who were currently working in advertising + product design research. They left their jobs to help their mom create the perfect lightweight travel bag!

We’re pretty glad that they did! We love that Lo & Sons‘ stylish bags are perfect for honeymoons, destination weddings, bachelorette parties + more!

Lo & Sons Bags
Lo & Sons Bags

A few more reasons to love  travel bags:

Lightweight. Lo & Sons chose lightweight materials like nylon and canvas to help ease the load on your shoulders. Because when you’re traveling, your bag shouldn’t weigh more than the stuff it carries!

High Quality. Each bag is carefully crafted with high quality materials and details like custom hardware, sleek but sturdy straps, jacquard interior lining, real leather trim, pre-washed canvas, and water resistant nylons.

Lo & Sons Bags

Lo & Sons Bags

Functionality. Lo &Sons designed their products with the modern on-the-go woman in mind, with features like easily accessible pockets, a laptop compartment, and an adjustable sleeve for sliding over your suitcase handles.

Style. Their products are simple but still chic + elegant. Lo & Sons didn’t want their products to be covered with logos and flashy branding, believing that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Price/Value.  Lo & Sons nylon bags are a bit more expensive than the usual nylon bag, but only because they are made from a highest quality nylon. The bags also a lot more functional, with more pockets and features, than most nylon bags.

Lo & Sons Bags

Lo & Sons Bags

And we’re thrilled to let you guys know that Lo & Sons is generously offering GWS readers 20% off with the promo code “GWS0414”, making now the perfect time to splurge on a timeless + stylish travel bag for your destination wedding, an upcoming girls’ weekend, or your honeymoon!

Promotion expires on April 30th, 2014 + cannot be applied to sale items or be combined with other discount codes.

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  1. Great size for a bag. They all look great!


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