An Engagement Session while Hanging the Laundry

Another super creative lovely engagement session from the talented Clayton Austin. Who knew hanging your laundry out to dry could be so steamy and fun!

laundry engagement session

laundry engagement session

laundry engagement session

laundry engagement session

laundry engagement session

See more from the session here.

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  1. Just beautiful! Love everything about them. :)

  2. STUNNING!!! Really this is so romantic! I love it! This couple is so darling.

  3. Love this too!!! How fun. The last image is stunning!! swoon!!!!

  4. Who knew hanging up the laundry would be so sexy! Love it!

  5. These sexy laundress photos are so sweet! I don't always love the themed engagement shoot but these are really really lovely. Good for them!

  6. I personally think engagement pictures of a bride hanging up laundry is chauvinistic. Haven't we as a society fought long and hard to get AWAY from stuff like this? I'm all for lovey photos… just not ones like these.

  7. Wow – who would have thought you could take creative sexy photos while hanging laundry.

  8. These are beautiful. My favorite is the photo of their silhouettes.

    What exactly is chauvinistic about hanging laundry? It's pathetic that people feel the need to be so negative and rude about other people's lovely engagement photos. Please take your bad attitude elsewhere.

  9. What a beautiful couple- and such a warm, unique shoot. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Some people love hanging laundry on the line. I do! Nothing chauvinistic about it, i just love the smell and the look of laundry blowing in the wind! Maybe he should have been helping her :)
    Anywho, this is up my alley. Beautiful.

  11. That is so super creative! Just lovely!

  12. amazing style of session!

  13. Wow! Chauvinistic? I think not. If anything, the person making that comment is chauvinistic. These are beautiful images taken by a beautiful person who works his butt off for his clients to give them exactly what they ask for. Quedos to you my friend for another job well done~

  14. no one is saying that the photographer or the people in the pictures are chauvinistic. i think these pictures are lovely, however, i did let out a groan when looking at these for the first time because it was a typical gender stereotype. most other engagement pictures don't have this very typical housewife imagery. but, if this is what they wanted it's up to them.


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