A Backyard Proposal Caught on Film: Charlene + Johan

I love hearing proposal stories! So romantic, right? Well, I’m so happy that Charlene is sharing her sweet proposal story with us today – and she had the whole day caught on film + video! Such an amazing reminder of the day. So, here is her story:

The day started with Charlene + Johan meeting up with their good friend (and super talented photographer) Dan Chen. Dan asked them to model for a fun photo shoot idea he had – so sneaky! And a great way to capture some amazing photos without giving anything away! Charlene had an idea that he might propose, but no question was asked just yet…


couple on boat

couple on surfboard with wine

couple on surfboard with wine

couple in water

After the photo shoot, they went back to Johan’s parents’ house to unwind.

From Charlene, Suspiciously, Johan forgot his keys. But he NEVER forgets his keys. He went around the house to check the back door and told me to wait. I played along and yelled at him to just call his parents. Inside, my heart was pounding. After a few minutes, he walked back towards me, told me the back door was open, and led me around the house through the pitch blackness. Suddenly, the lights came on. He said something to me that I can’t remember, and the waterworks began.

backyard proposal

backyard proposal

All along the back of the house were notes, letters, and pictures, each meticulously framed and carefully hung for display. In the center of the backyard was a “living room” set up, complete with a leather couch atop a vintage rug. To say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement. We spent the next 20 minutes or so walking around the backyard, looking at every picture that my friends and family had sent in, and reading through each note that they had written to me. Well, to be completely honest, I didn’t personally read most of the notes myself — Johan had to read quite a few of them to me because I was struggling to see through my tear-filled eyes.

backyard proposal

backyard proposal

When we were done, he led me to the couch that was surrounded by pictures of us and notes from him, and sat me down. He reminded me of how much I am loved by our God, by our family and friends, and by him. Then, he got down on his knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring, and asked me to marry him.. and of course I said “Yes!”

backyard proposal

backyard proposal

The night didn’t end there. Family followed by friends came rushing in to celebrate with us. They got to see their notes hung on the wall, and witness firsthand all the labor that Johan, with the help of his loving family, had put into the evening.

I feel overwhelmingly loved and incredibly blessed by everyone who shared the evening with us, as well as everyone who showed us love and support from afar. I cannot thank you all enough! A special thank you also to Dan for helping to plan and brilliantly capturing the most memorable day of my life thus far.

A note to Johan: You planned and executed the most amazing, memorable, and meaningful proposal ever. Hope you know you set the standard high for yourself in the future.

And the rad video Dan Chen captured from the entire day (password is “charandjo”)

Pretty amazing right? Johan, your proposal brought tears to my eyes also!! Big congrats to Charlene + Johan and to Dan for helping capture the entire day! You can see more photos from their day here.

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  1. Congratulations to both Charlene + Johan. This is absolutely beautiful! Big ups to Johan, such a loving and thoughtful proposal. What a pleasure to read this morning and beautifully captured by Dan Chen. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Awww….I love this. So sweet :)

  3. Too good! That guy is a prince

  4. Oh my God! This guy set the bar really high!! What an amazing proposal!

  5. I just died – this is so touching and amazing. Congrats!

  6. That gave me the chills and made me cry! So perfect in every way.

  7. Could he get any cuter and romantic? *swoon* Lucky girl.

  8. This is unbelievable! By far, THE BEST (sweetest, most creative) proposal story I have ever heard of! AWESOME photographs…so awesome to have photographs of the event! Congrats to the newly engaged :)

  9. What a thoughtful, sweet, and romantic proposal. Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

  10. Crying at my desk…. so beautiful!!!

  11. My favourite wedding blogs is Green Wedding Shoes. I have been a follower for many years. And I have never seen such a beautiful proposal. Congratulations !!! :)

  12. Beautiful! And so funny…in December or July (one of the two) I was visiting my husband in the States (he’s coming to live here in the Netherlands next month) and I was holding my cam and spoke to a girl working at the airport. She told me someone she knew had a blog called the greendweddingshoes. I totally forgot about it and here it is! Looks amazing!


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