You say macaroon, I say macaron

I saw the cutest wedding favors on designer Erin Jang’s website the other day – totally reminded me of some discussions my family was having over the holidays with what the difference was between these two yummy treats! For those of you that don’t know what the difference is, a macaron is a french cookie made of almond flour, sugar and egg whites. They are sandwiched together with a creamy filling that’s usually made from ganache, jam or buttercream. Macaroons on the other hand are a coconut-based cookie made of egg whites, sugar and shredded coconut. Well, turns out Marci + Ben (the couple these were created for) had a similar miscommunication in the beginning of their relationship. She loves macarons, he loves macaroons! They decided to incorporate this funny story into their wedding with these favors which included one macaron and one macaroon inside for each guest – adorable!

{photos by Cassidy DuHon}

Yep, they are quite different! Macarons on the left and macaroons on the right. I’m a huge fan of the macarons and even baked my first batch over the holidays thanks to this book . A bit time intensive, but totally worth it. Can’t wait to bake some more :)

{photo on left from the famous Laduree in France, right from cathydanh’s flickr }