Why You Need an Amazon Wedding Registry Right Now!

Why You Need an Amazon Wedding Registry

There are few things more gratifying in life than coming home to a package on your doorstep with that familiar arrow pointing from A to Z. Ah, Amazon Prime. We love Amazon for everything from skincare to books to that random thing in our cart that we definitely don’t need but it ships in 24 hours…yes, there is truly nothing you can’t do.

And that’s exactly why we love, love, LOVE — Amazon’s most perfect wedding registry tool. It’s as simple and intuitive as you’d expect from Amazon, which is equally important for you and your wedding guests.

You’re surely already familiar with how Amazon works and the benefits of a simple “Buy Now” click. Easy, fast, reliable. So, if making your wedding registry on Amazon sounds like a no-brainer, you can begin the process below:

Make My Amazon Wedding Registry

However, if you need to know a bit more first, we’re happy to share the deets on a few benefits you might not know about! These are all the ways Amazon is here to help you stock up and celebrate:

Amazon Registry for Your Kitchen

Why We Love Amazon Wedding Registry

A Universal Registry – Everything in One Place

With Amazon you can create a single registry comprised of products on and off Amazon! The universal registry tool is a simple button that you add on web browser. It allows you to add products from other sites and keep them all in one place on Amazon. One wedding registry…multiple gift options. SO much easier for your guests to shop.

X-ray Vision

This one is so cool. You can use your Amazon app and phone to scan packages and see what’s inside before opening it. Fun right? But it’s actually super helpful to organize your gifts, as well as manage and schedule returns.

20% Discount for You

Once you complete your registry, Prime members get a one-time 20% (or 10% for non-members) discount to buy anything left on their registry!

Shipping by Amazon

Who ships better than Amazon?! It’s fast. It’s free for members. And it’s reliable for you!

Easy Returns for 180 Days

You’ve likely returned a few items to Amazon by now, so returning anything from your registry will be a breeze. And that 180-day window gives you more time to bask in the newlywed phase.

Bonus Gifts

Amazon partnered with some of your favorite brands to get you special bonus gifts when you add their items to your registry AND when your guests gift them to you!

Gift Grouping

If you have expensive taste, friends and family can chip in on the bigger ticket items.

Create Your Registry in Minutes!

Like all things Amazon, they make it super easy to get started…..so what are we waiting for, right?

Create My Amazon Wedding Registry Now!

Oh….also, Amazon has Everything!

Some of you may still think Amazon is just for necessities, but not for fashion or home making….well think again! Amazon has been making a push into higher end fashion and home decor. You can see a sample of some of our fave finds on Amazon for your registry below

Our Favorite Amazon Registry picks

So create your registry and use our favorite Amazon Registry picks, to help get your registry started.

Create My Amazon Wedding Registry Now!

Just click and add! Happy Registering!!