Whitney + Drew: Nautical Day After Wedding Photos

I just adore these photos + back story sent over by the lovely Jasmine Star. From Jasmine, “It all started with her blog post. She was single girl writing about what she looked for in a Christian man…and Whitney poured her heart on the web. A stranger by the name of Drew left a comment. A rather nice comment, so Whitney did what any girl would do: She Facebooked him. And–oh-my-goodnesshe was cute! And from Manhattan. Whitney envisioned Drew walking chic New York streets in an oversized pea coat and was smitten. They corresponded over the web and Whitney admitted her passion for sailing, a tradition passed down from her grandfather, and Drew confessed he dreamed of sailing the world one day. Sometimes he worried he’d miss the hills of Kansas. Kansas? Didn’t he mean New York? Huh? No, Drew explained, I live in Manhattan, Kansas.

Whitney fell deeper in love with Drew from Kansas, and when he decided to move to Marina Del Rey, California to be closer to her, he took residence on a boat. He was the first stop on his world tour…little did he realize Whitney would be his passenger for life. They married two months ago and bought a boat for their future trip. Though Whitney started a business and Drew is an associate pastor, their goal is to board their boat in Long Beach and sail away. Together.”

nautical wedding
nautical rope bouquet
nautical wedding
bride with rope bouquet
groom with bow tie
wedding couple on a boat
cute couple on a boat
wedding couple on a boat
wedding on a boat

This nautical wedding shoot was styled by Kelly Makes Things, who also provided the vintage Emma Bomb dress. Photography by Jasmine Star.

Thanks so much to Whitney + Drew for letting me share your story + photos! Best wishes on your journey!