Which Wedding Dress Should You Wear Based on Your Sign?

This past year we’ve been looking to the stars for all sorts of wedding + event inspiration, so it’s only natural that we’d be guided by the signs when it comes to dresses, no? Okay, okay, we might not be astrologists or zodiac gurus…but it is kind of fun! When there are endless options to pick from and so many routes you could go for style, a little guidance, *wherever* it may come from can’t hurt, right? ;)

We looked across the universe and consulted the constellations for these gowns…let’s take a peek at what the stars have in store!

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Aries tends to be courageous, determined, and confident, with energy that drives them to be adventurous and fearlessly put themselves out there. Because of these qualities, a bold and plunging neckline or something backless and daring would be a perfect match! The Aries also adores streamlined and sleek pieces: think a power suit, in the form of a wedding dress.

Sullivan by Sarah Seven

Jenny by Jenny Yoo Conrad Gown

Jenny by Jenny Yoo Conrad Gown from BHLDN


The Leo bride isn’t afraid of the spotlight; she’s creative and passionate, likes to be the center of attention, and exudes warmth and life wherever she goes. She is a risk-taker and always up for a style challenge; she won’t stop for anything less than a show-stopping gown with serious flair: think colorful, movement and tassels, and anything but understated.

Russo by Tara Lauren

Iris Floral Gown by Alexandra Grecco


Fueled by wanderlust, the Sagittarius is the free-spirited and adventurous bride. Her energy inspires her to dream big and take fearless risks; she likes all things timeless with a hint of femininity. She’s often found traveling or outdoors, philosophizing about life and the many directions it will take her; she’s polished but not prim and proper. For this adventurous gal, perhaps something with one shoulder, or with a feminine boho flair—inspired by worldly travels—to fit her wandering spirit.

Cleo by Tara Lauren

Phoenix from the Lovers Society x GWS collaboration // from this post

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


The Taurus is known for being grounded and romantic; her energy has her enjoying earthly pleasures: gardening, cooking, romance, working with her hands. She’s a fan of form and function, being comfortable, and her stubborn nature causes her to dislike change. For those reasons, the Taurus bride could opt for something romantic and traditional with an earthy twist—perhaps a leafy, floral print!

Willowby by Watters Hearst Gown

Wilowby by Watters Hearst Gown

Violet by Rue de Seine


Virgos tend to embrace their inner flower child and all things revolving around well-being, their loved ones, and the planet. She is a masterful helper and loves animals, health food, books, nature, and cleanliness. She is organized and intuitive, loves classic, tailored pieces, a touch of functional femininity and has a charming way about her. She also tends to be a style chameleon, so the Virgo could opt for something more free-spirited and in tune with the earth, or shift into something classic that can be styled in many ways (think leather jacket, cool hats, funky jewelry).

Wyatt from the Lovers Society x GWS collab // from this post

Daughters of Simone Danni Gown

Danni Gown by Daughters of Simone from BHLDN


The courageous Capricorn is all about power and structure. She is a modern bride with an eye for timeless design; she loves all things simple, sleek, and sophisticated—though she doesn’t mind being cozy. Her style tends to gravitate towards basics with a twist. A Capricorn bride should look at gowns which are structured and modern, play to her love of quality craftsmanship, and will stand the test of time.

Prosecco by Sarah Seven

Sawyer by Alexandra Grecco

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Hey flirtatious, Gemini! Otherwise known as ‘The Twins,’ the Gemini is the most versatile and vibrant sign. She is multi-faceted, loves to socialize, take fashion risks, switch it up, and let her freak flag fly (at full mast). As she devours pop culture, magazines, and will chat with nearly anyone, she adores being on trend, but tends to switch up her style often. She’s known for never wearing the same thing twice. For the Gemini bride, we’d suggest a fashionable two-piece style or something *extra* flirty.

Layla Top + Rai Skirt by Willowby by Watters

Tennyson Skirt + Willow Crop Top by Sweet Caroline Styles


Libra brides are ruled by the planet Venus (you know…of loooooove), so they adore all things romantic. Being ‘The Scales,’ they seek peace and harmony, and do everything with style and grace. She appreciates timeless pieces with a modern romantic twist, and tends to gravitate toward lush fabrics, such as silk, suede, or velvet. To cater to the Libra’s pursuit of beauty and harmony, we think something with a bit of illusion lace, some floral touches, and a classic romantic design would be the perfect balance.

Watters Rosen Gown

Rosen Gown by Watters

Granderson by Leanne Marshall


The Aquarian bride-to-be isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and be experimental in all things that she does. She tends to be quirky, unorthodox, and eccentric—never devoid of prints and bold colors. She is creative and unique; rebellious and different. Her progressive and independent nature might drive her to wear something colorful, patterned, or outside-of-the-box…perhaps even rock a gown that was never intended for a wedding!

Aegean by Rue de Seine

Raincloud by Leanne Marshall

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pieces


‘The Crab’ is one to always connect to her feelings and plant deep roots, while nurturing her family and community. She is imaginative, with an elevated and elegant style—no matter where she is, and all of her pieces tend to take on a feminine and ethereal quality. She will take any opportunity to dress up, but is never stuffy. She has a deep desire to surround herself with love, home, family and comfort—we could see something with billowing sleeves, or sort of a prairie feeling to play up her love of home, comfort, and all things ethereal.

Nahla by Rue de Seine

Parisi by Alexandra Grecco


The Scorpio is intense and passionate; she tends to be a bit mysterious in her allure and she is wickedly brave, while also remaining stubborn. ‘The Scorpion’ is a true friend, she is bold and confident and tends to live in a stylish uniform. When it comes to fashion, she relies on tried and true staples, and when she finds something she loves, she gets it in every color. She has a certain enigmatic boldness in the way she does things and could opt for something short, or perhaps a classic style with a bit of intrigue…think cutouts, some sensual illusion lace, or strategically placed buttons.

Aces by Sarah Seven

Wtoo by Watters Philomene Gown

Philomene Gown by Wtoo by Watters


The Pisces is the dreamer and her energy awakens imagination, artistic creativity, and compassion—bringing people together. She is one to go with the flow, can’t get enough of jewel-tones, and her head is often in the clouds. She is a mystic with a vivid inner life, with a desire to live in a fantastical magic world, full of wonder. Based on these qualities, this romantic could rock an ethereal gown (perhaps with subtle hues), with lots of airy tulle and a bit of whimsical flair.

Wtoo by Watters Valera Gown

Valera by Wtoo by Watters

Willowby by Watters Geranium Gown

Geranium Gown by BHLDN

Whatever planet you’re ruled by, we can agree that this was kinda fun, right? :)