What to Wear to a Wedding

I receive a good number of emails from readers asking for my opinion on what is appropriate to wear to different types of weddings. Since What to Wear seems to be a common question for wedding attendees, I asked our GWS Facebook fans to share their styling questions for particular types of weddings with me last week. There were lots of responses, so I think we may do another one of these later in the fall with more types of wedding – if you guys like this feature. :)

So here are our recommendations and shopping links for What to Wear to the following types of weddings.  First is our most popular style requested, Fall Barn/Rustic wedding:

What to Wear to a Fall Barn Wedding

What to Wear to a Fall Barn Wedding: 1. dress // 2. cardigan // 3. belt // 4. clutch // 5. boots

There were also quite a few requests for garden weddings and I think this is the perfect outfit for the next few months while the weather is still really warm.

What to Wear to a Garden Wedding

What to Wear to a Garden Party Wedding: 1. dress // 2. cardigan // 3. necklace // 4. clutch // 5. shoes

One of our readers is going to a wedding where she was requested to wear 1920’s attire – how fun! I love these picks below with a bit of a modern twist, but still in the 1920’s genre.

What to Wear to a Vintage 20's Wedding

What to Wear to a Vintage 1920’s Wedding: 1. dress // 2. feather hairpiece // 3. bracelet // 4. clutch // 5. shoes

And yes, lots of requests for backyard weddings. I think this outfit is perfect for fall when paired with the stylish sweater to keep you warm once the sun goes down.

What to Wear to a Backyard Wedding

What to Wear to a Backyard Wedding: 1. dress // 2. sweater // 3. necklace // 4. shoes // 5. feather cuff

A rooftop cocktail wedding downtown?! So fun. Here is what I’d wear to that wedding…

What to Wear to a Downtown Rooftop Wedding

What to Wear to a Downtown Rooftop Wedding: 1. dress // 2. necklace // 3. shoes // 4. clutch

What type of wedding would you like to see us cover in the next post? And if you missed the video this morning, Chriselle styled me in a few different weddings looks for a beach wedding, backyard, and garden wedding. Fun!